Macabacus and Microsoft (for the most part) no longer support Internet Explorer 10 and prior versions. Please consider upgrading your browser.

Account Management

Admin Console

All account management operations are performed in your online Admin Console. This includes modifying subscriptions, adding/removing user access, adding/removing administrators, updating billing information, and more. Only Macabacus account administrators can sign into the Admin Console; end users can sign into the Admin Console only if they are also designated as administrators (which is normally the case for single user accounts).

If you did not purchase your Macabacus licenses using our online checkout, then some Admin Console functionality described in this section may be not be available to you.

Subscription Management

Add / Remove Seats

To add seats (licenses) to or remove seats from a subscription plan:

  1. Select the Account tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Expand the subscription you want to modify by clicking its button.
  3. Specify the new number of total desired seats in the Seats field. For example, if you have 5 existing seats and want to add 2 more, enter 7 in this field.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

After adding a new seat to your subscription, assign a user to that seat so he/she can activate and use Macabacus software. If your billing information on file is no longer valid, you must update it before adding new seats.

New seats are co-termed with existing seats in the subscription plan for billing purposes. Accordingly, the amount immediately charged to your payment method on file is prorated for the time remaining in the current billing cycle. When you remove seats by decreasing the seat quantity, the change takes effect at the end of the current billing cycle and no partial refund is issued.

Upgrade / Downgrade a Subscription

To upgrade or downgrade your Macabacus plan:

  1. Select the Account tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Expand the subscription you want to modify by clicking its button.
  3. Select the new subscription plan in the Plan field.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.
  5. If you upgraded to a Suite subscription from a Macabacus for Excel or PowerPoint subscription and had disabled the Macabacus COM add-ins in Office applications for which you did not previously have Macabacus access, re-enable the Macabacus COM add-ins in those applications.
  6. Restart Office applications as necessary, or reactivate Macabacus in those applications. If you are using an older version of Macabacus that supports sign-in authentication, sign out of and then back into Macabacus using the Sign Out and Sign In buttons on the Macabacus tab in Excel, then restart PowerPoint/Word.

Plan upgrades take effect immediately, with any amount due charged to the payment method on file or invoiced, as applicable. For example, if you upgrade your annual Modeler plan to an annual Suite plan, you will be immediately charged a prorated amount based on the time remaining in the current billing cycle. If your billing information on file is no longer valid, you must update it before upgrading.

Conversely, if you downgrade your subscription plan, the change will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle. Downgrades include switching from a Suite plan to an Excel or PowerPoint plan, and switching from an annual plan to a monthly plan. Partial refund are not issued for downgrades.

Add a Subscription

To add a new subscription to your account:

  1. Select the Account tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Click the Manage Billing button and update your billing information, if necessary.
  3. Click the Add button on the Account tab.

The Admin Console limits you to one of each subscription plan. For example, if you already have a Modeler plan with annual billing, then you can add any Suite plan or a Modeler plan with monthly billing to your account, but not another Modeler plan with annual billing. Each subscription plan in your account supports multiple seats (licenses), so refer to the section above if you are simply trying to add a seat to support a new user.

Suite vs. Modeler + Presenter

Do not purchase both a Modeler plan and a Presenter plan to provide a single user with access to Macabacus' tools for both Excel and PowerPoint. This would provide different users access to either the Excel tools or the PowerPoint tools, not access to both by the same user. Instead, purchase or upgrade to a Suite plan that provides access to both the Excel and PowerPoint tools.

Interns and temporary employees

If you have interns or other temporary employees who require access to Macabacus, and you have an annual subscription, you can add a temporary, monthly subscription to accommodate those users. When the temporary employees depart, you can remove their access and cancel your monthly subscription.

As discussed above, when seats are added to an existing subscription, billing for the incremental seats is co-termed with existing seats. However, if you purchase a new subscription plan, it will not be co-termed with other subscriptions in your account.

When you add a new subscription, any users linked to expired subscriptions will be relinked to the new subscription automatically, up to the number of seats available in the new subscription.

Cancel a Subscription

To cancel a subscription:

  1. Select the Account tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Expand the subscription you want to cancel by clicking its button.
  3. Click the Turn Off Renewal button.

Subscriptions may be canceled at any time. Canceling a subscription only prevents it from renewing automatically at the end of your billing cycle, and does not prevent you from using Macabacus through the end of your billing cycle. Canceled subscriptions may be reactivated as described below. Partial refunds are not issued for cancellations.

Reactivate a Subscription

To reactivate a canceled subscription:

  1. Select the Account tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Expand the subscription you want to reactivate by clicking its button.
  3. Click the Reactivate button.

You cannot reactivate a subscription that has already expired. If your subscription has expired and you wish to continue using Macabacus, please see the section on expired subscriptions below.

Expired Subscriptions

If your subscription does not renew automatically at the end of your billing cycle, either because you previously canceled it or because we were unable to process your payment, it will expire. Once expired, your subscription cannot be reactivated, and you must purchase a new subscription as described above.

In most cases, users linked to the expired subscription will be automatically relinked to the new subscription. However, if any users remain linked to the expired subscription, you must relink them to the new subscription manually as follows:

  1. Select the Users tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Expand the user row you want to modify by clicking its button.
  3. Select the new subscription plan in the Subscription field.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

End User Management

End users are the individuals licensed to use Macabacus software, and are identified on the Users tab of the Admin Console. Each user row on the Users tab contains summary information about the user, including the version number of the Macabacus software he or she is using. If a user has installed different versions of Macabacus on different PCs, the version number on the last PC used to authenticate the user is shown here.

Add Users

To add a new end user:

  1. Select the Users tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. To add a single user, enter the user's information on the Single User tab. To add multiple users, select the Bulk Add tab and paste a list of names and email addresses in an Outlook-style address field format.
  4. If you have multiple subscriptions, select the subscription to which you want to grant the new user(s) access.
  5. To send a welcome email with activation instructions to new users (recommended), check the Send welcome email box.
  6. Click the Save button.

You can only add as many users as you have seats available (unused licenses). If you forgot to send a welcome email when adding a new user, you can do so anytime thereafter by clicking the Send Invite button in the user's expanded record.

Remove Users

To remove a single user, click the button on the user's record on the Users tab in your Admin Console. To remove multiple users, check the boxes next to the desired users and select Remove selected users from the Actions menu. Removing a user frees up a "seat," but does not reduce the number of authorized seats in the subscription or otherwise impact your subscription/billing.

Transferring Licenses

Switching Computers

If you change computers or are assigned a new Windows user account, for example, you can deauthorize an old Windows user account associated with your email address or deactivate an old computer associated with your legacy activation code. To do so:

  1. Select the Users tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Expand the user row by clicking its button.
  3. Click the button next to the Windows account or computer, as applicable, you want to remove.

Employee Turnover

If an employee leaves your company, sign into the Admin Console and remove that employee's access. Doing so frees up a seat in your subscription that can be reassigned to a new employee.


Macabacus account administrators, listed and managed on the Admins tab in your Admin Console, are responsible for managing subscriptions and/or provisioning end users. They can access the Admin Console, but can only activate or sign into Macabacus software if they are also designated as end users on the Users tab (as would generally be the case with single-user, or individual, accounts).

When a new Macabacus account is created, the customer—either the person who completed the online checkout or the person who submitted the purchase order—is automatically designated as the sole administrator with unrestricted administrative access. There is no charge to add additional administrators to your account, as admins do not occupy seats in your subscription.

Enterprise Considerations

For organizations with multiple users, designate at least two or three account administrators for redundancy. Admins should generally be IT, purchasing/procurement, training, and/or presentation technologies professionals. Be sure to remove admins who no longer work for your company immediately.

Admin Roles

Macabacus account admins can be designated as either an "Account Manager" or a "Software Coordinator." Account Managers are unrestricted and can perform all account management operations, while Software Coordinators can do everything except:

  • View/modify billing information;
  • Access invoices;
  • Edit subscriptions, including plan and number of seats (licenses); and
  • Add/remove other administrators.

Add Admins

To add a new administrator:

  1. Select the Admins tab in your Admin Console.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Complete the Add Administrator form and click the Save button.

New admins will receive an email containing a link to set a password for accessing the Admin Console. This link expires after a finite period of time. If the link has expired, the new admin must be removed in the Admin Console and re-added.

Remove Admins

To remove an administrator, click the button on the admin's record on the Admins tab in your Admin Console. To remove multiple admins, check the boxes next to the desired admins and click the Remove button. You cannot remove yourself as an administrator.

Change Password

To change your Admin Console password, click the button to expand your record on the Admins tab in your Admin Console and enter your new password where indicated.

Billing Information

To update your billing information (e.g., credit card, address), sign into your Admin Console and click the Manage Billing button on the Users tab. To update your billing email address, specifically, use the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page.

To clear your billing information from your account, or to add additional billing email addresses, contact

Software Resellers

Initial Purchase

Purchasing & Fulfillment

You can purchase Macabacus for your customer using our online checkout (recommended), or by emailing a purchase order to If you submit a purchase order, include your credit card information in the order. We do not require purchase orders, and may direct you to complete the purchase via our online checkout instead (particularly for low-volume orders).

Email Address

The reseller email address you provide when purchasing Macabacus is used to access your Admin Console for account management. We recommend providing an email address in the format [customer]@[reseller].com. If you instead supply an employee email address, such as [first].[last]@[reseller].com, that employee will be unable to place orders for other customers because his/her email address is already associated with another Macabacus account.

Using a customer-specific email address also lets multiple employees monitor that email account, which provides continuity and better service to your customer when an employee leaves your company, for example.

Orders are fulfilled when the financial transaction is completed—immediately, for orders placed online, and within 48 hours, typically, for purchase orders. Your automatically generated invoice is confirmation that the order was fulfilled. Once your order is fulfilled, all further account management described on this page is the reseller's and customer's responsibility.


Macabacus is not traditional box software that some resellers are accustomed to working with. It does not ship to your customer, there are no tracking numbers, no activation keys are sent to your customer, and simply placing the order does not satisfy your obligation to your customer.

Account Setup

When you purchase Macabacus for your customer, a Macabacus account is created for you when the order is fulfilled. This account is in the reseller's name—not your customer's—and you are the sole administrator for this account. Once your purchase is confirmed, you must sign into your Admin Console and either:

  • Designate at least one person in your customer's organization as a Software Coordinator who will configure end user access, or
  • Configure end user access yourself.

We strongly recommend the former option so that you, the reseller, are not burdened with periodic account maintenance such as adding/removing end users. Software Coordinators do not have access to the reseller's billing information, or the ability to make changes to the subscription. Since Software Coordinators also cannot add other administrators to the account, ask your customer whether any additional Software Coordinators are required (accounts with multiple users should designate two or three internal administrators for redundancy).

Using the Software

Once administrator and end user access has been configured in your Admin Console, have your customer download Macabacus software from our downloads page or within your Admin Console. End users can activate the software as described above.

Loss of Access

When your customer installs and runs Macabacus for the first time, a 30-day trial begins automatically (unless end user access has been granted as described above). Your customer may think it has activated the software when, in fact, the software is in trial mode. Accordingly, if a user's trial ends and that user has not been granted access as described above, your customer may contact you to learn why it can no longer use the software.

Subsequent Purchases

If your customer already has a Macabacus subscription and requires additional seats (licenses) to add new users, do not use our online checkout or submit a purchase order unless you intend to create a new Macabacus account for that customer (perhaps to support a separate business unit). Instead, add new seats to the existing subscription as described above. All seats for a single customer should normally be under a single Macabacus account.

Once you have purchased a new seat, it must be assigned to the user for whom the seat was purchased as described above. Either do this yourself, or inform your customer's Macabacus account administrator that he/she must do so.

Account Management

The Admin Console is self-service, and can be used to perform almost any account management operation using the guidance above. We cannot perform these operations for you.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.9.14. Some features and descriptions of these features may not
apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.