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Activation & Licensing


Activate With an Email Address

To continue using Macabacus beyond the free trial period, if applicable, you must purchase a subscription and activate the software. To activate Macabacus, click the Activate button (with a key icon) on the Macabacus tab in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word and enter a valid email address. A few notes on activation:

  • If you purchased a single Macabacus license online, use the email address you specified at checkout to activate Macabacus.
  • Alternatively, if you received a welcome email from Macabacus, enter the address to which the email was sent. The email address used to activate and to which your welcome email was sent must match exactly, so keep that in mind if your organization uses email aliases.
  • If the email address you entered to begin your Macabacus trial matches the email address you provided at checkout, then Macabacus will activate automatically and no action is required.
  • If you signed into an older version of Macabacus using an email address and password, then installed a newer version that no longer supports sign-in authentication, the email address you used to sign in will be used to activate Macabacus automatically.

Activate With a Code

To activate Macabacus using a legacy activation code, click the Activate button (with a key icon) on the Macabacus tab in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word and enter your code. Activation codes for user authentication are being phased out in favor of email addresses. Older accounts using activation codes may be missing user name and email information now required for each user on the Access tab in your Admin Console. If user details are missing here, you are strongly encouraged to populate this missing information so that you or your users do not lose access to Macabacus when activation codes are fully phased out in the future. At present, there is no specific date set for final phase-out of activation codes.


How Licensing Works

Each individual Macabacus user requires a license. We do not offer site licenses. Licenses may not be shared by multiple users, but can be transferred among users (i.e., you can remove one user's access and then reassign that "vacant seat" to another user).

When you activate Macabacus using an email address as described above, the Windows user account you are logged into becomes "authorized," or associated with that email address. You can authorize up to two Windows user accounts simultaneously through activation, providing a single user access to Macabacus on up two computers in most scenarios (e.g., work and home PCs). You can actually use Macabacus on any networked or virtual PC (e.g., a conference room PC), provided that you log into Windows using an authorized Windows user account.

Sharing Access Prohibited

Both Windows user accounts authorized via activation with a single email address must be used exclusively by the same person. Sharing email addresses among users for the purposes of activating Macabacus is prohibited, and may result in termination of your Macabacus services.

In older versions of Macabacus, you can either (a) sign into the Macabacus add-in, or (b) activate it using a code. If sign-in authentication is used, a single user may sign into Macabacus add-ins on an unlimited number of computers, but may only be signed into one computer at a time. If an activation code is used, a single user may activate Macabacus on up to two computers simultaneously.

Transferring Licenses

You can transfer licenses among users and Windows user accounts using these instructions.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.6.7, and may differ from the PDF documentation
on your computer that installed with your version of Macabacus.