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Paintbrush lets you copy and apply cell formatting, without using the Windows clipboard, and is a lightweight, flexible alternative to Macabacus Styles, which are more purpose-specific (e.g., number formats, borders) and require configuration. The clipboard is overwritten every time you perform a native Windows copy/cut operation, so it is not suited for copying styles that you expect to use routinely, but perhaps not immediately. Paintbrush lets you copy and store formatting styles for longer periods, and is unaffected by native Windows copy/cut operations, so the styles you need are always a shortcut keystroke away.

You can edit the maximum number of styles recorded with Paintbrush in the Excel > Format > Other section of the Settings dialog. Once the limit is reached, new captured styles will push out older styles (first in, first out—FIFO).

Capture Paintbrush

Capture the style of selected cells for later application.


Apply Paintbrush

Cycle through captured paintbrush styles to apply them to selected cells.


Clear Paintbrushes

Remove all existing paintbrushes and start over with a new canvas.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.9.5, and may differ from the PDF documentation
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