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Slide Stamps

Slide stamps are textbox shapes commonly used to convey the privacy level of a slide or presentation, such as "CONFIDENTIAL" or "For Internal Use Only." You can add slide stamps to all slides in your Macabacus-enabled presentations whose layouts support slide stamps by clicking the desired stamp on the Macabacus > Slides > Slide Stamps menu. Hide slide stamps on all slides by clicking the Hide Stamps button on this menu.

Slide Stamps

You can customize the stamps available in the Macabacus > Slides > Slide Stamps menu in the Application Settings dialog, accessed from the Macabacus > Settings menu. If your administrator has restricted changes to slide stamps via Shared Settings, you will be unable to modify the available stamps unless you are a Macabacus account administrator or run PowerPoint as a Windows administrator.

If you have a slide in your presentation that was not created using a Macabacus-enabled presentation template layout, you can still add a stamp to the slide. In Slide Master view, find the slide's layout and add a textbox (not text placeholder) that will contain the slide stamp text. The new textbox should normally conform to the position, size, and format of slide stamp textboxes in other layouts. With the new textbox selected, click the Macabacus > Slides > Slide Stamps > Mark as Stamp button. If another layout in your presentation already supports slide stamps, you can simply copy its stamp textbox and paste it into the desired layout instead, without explicitly marking it as a stamp (since it is already marked).

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.6.7, and may differ from the PDF documentation
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