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Known Issues

This section of the documentation primarily describes problems resulting from Microsoft Office updates that introduce bugs or other changes that break Macabacus or Macabacus Lite functionality, and generally does not include problems involving Macabacus add-ins themselves, as we fix bugs in the full version of Macabacus promptly upon discovering them.

Cannot export new Office 2016 chart types

Microsoft introduced several new chart types in Office 2016 (e.g., waterfall, treemap). These new chart types are plagued by a number of bugs and limitations, including the inability to copy them programmatically. Macabacus copies charts programmatically when exporting from Excel to PowerPoint / Word, so exporting these new chart types will fail.

We reported this bug to Microsoft on Feb 6, 2018 and received a response that the ability to copy these new chart types programmatically is not yet implemented, and that Microsoft does not have a timeline for when this functionality will be available. If you need to export a waterfall chart, use Macabacus' waterfall Quick Chart rather than the native waterfall chart.

Excel and Word are slow to quit

Since Macabacus v8.9, Excel and Word may take 5-10 seconds to close after opening some Macabacus windows. This appears to predominantly affect Excel 2016 and Word 2016 (but not PowerPoint) running Windows 10 on PCs with touch screens, and is due to a Microsoft bug identical to one reported to and supposedly fixed by Microsoft several years ago. You may observe similar behavior with other add-ins using WPF. Only Microsoft can fix this bug, and we reported this issue to Microsoft on Nov 20, 2017.

You can work around this issue by opening Windows' Device Manager, expanding the Human Interface Devices section, and disabling one or more "HID-compliant" items (disabling only "HID-compliant touch screen" worked in our tests).

Update — Microsoft originally planned to release a fix for this problem in an update to Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office (VSTO) Runtime on Jan 16, 2018, but the released appears to have been delayed. This update will reportedly be available in the Microsoft Download Center as version number 60828. We tested a preview of this update and confirmed that it resolves the issue.

Excel data may be deleted unexpectedly

In August or September 2017, Microsoft released an Office update that introduced a bug that may cause Excel 2016 purchased via an Office 365 subscription (only) to delete data unexpectedly after saving when Macabacus' AutoColor on Entry is enabled. This bug was discovered in Office 2016 build 8326, and may be present in other builds. It is believed that you will only encounter this problem if you see the AutoSave option (enabled or disabled) in the top left corner of the Excel window. To avoid this bug, you can disable AutoColor on Entry (which is disabled by default). We reported this bug to Microsoft on Sep 7, 2017 and they have acknowledged it. Any updates will be posted here.

Some Macabacus dialogs do not respond to keyboard input

If some Macabacus dialogs do not respond to keyboard input, another add-in may be causing this condition with low-level keyboard hooks that "hijack" your keyboard. While keyboard hooking has legitimate uses, it should never interfere with the operation of other software. We have observed this conflict only with Workshare's Excel add-in, specifically, although other add-ins might produce the same result. Disable the Workshare or other conflicting COM add-in to resolve the problem, and report the problem to that add-in's manufacturer. This issue seems to affect only modeless Macabacus dialogs (e.g., Pro Precedents/Dependents), not modal dialogs.

Macabacus Lite not loading upon starting Excel

In July 2016, Microsoft released a flawed Office security update that prevents many VBA add-ins (including Macabacus Lite) from loading when starting Excel 2016, 2013, or 2010. This update leaves hundreds of thousands (or more) of Excel users wondering why their add-ins are suddenly not loading.

Update — This issue can be resolved by changing how you install/load VBA add-ins. Please see our updated Macabacus Lite installation instructions for more information. Commentary from Microsoft suggests that they may reverse some of these changes to avoid further confusion, and we will update the installation instructions as required if they do.

Saving triggers Undo in Excel 2016

In June 2016, Microsoft released an Office update that introduced a bug that may cause Excel 2016 (only) to undo the last change when saving workbooks with Macabacus' AutoColor on Entry feature enabled. In response, we promptly released a workaround in Macabacus v8.1 that disables AutoColor on Entry and clears Excel's undo stack upon saving. To avoid clearing Excel's undo stack upon saving, you can disable Macabacus Undo. Alternatively, in older versions of Macabacus for Excel 2016, you can disable both Macabacus Undo and AutoColor on Entry as a workaround.

Update — Microsoft released a fix for this bug in a subsequent Office update in late July 2016. Install Macabacus v8.2.0 or later, and install the Office update to get the fix.

Erratic behavior in Excel 2013

A serious Excel 2013 bug introduced in Microsoft Office update KB3085502 in September 2015 affecting Office builds 4753 and 4763 can make add-ins—including some Macabacus features—behave erratically.

Update — Microsoft update KB3101499, released on November 10, 2015, fixed this bug in Office build 4771. Update Office 2013 to build 4771 or later to get the fix.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.9.14. Some features and descriptions of these features may not
apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.