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Work more efficiently

Perform routine tasks 5x faster with over 100 tools and shortcuts. The seconds saved quickly become hours.

Endless formatting possibilities

Modify number formats, fill colors, border styles, alignment, font size, cell dimensions, and more.

Cycles & toggles

We've configured many keyboard shortcuts as cycles and toggles for ultra-fast modeling. Repeat a keystroke to cycle through preset font colors, for example.

Navigate in new ways

Macabacus makes navigation of your spreadsheets and finding what you're looking for easier than ever.

Extensive customization

Configure Macabacus to use your firm's branded colors and number formats, customize shortcut keystrokes, and much more.

Advanced formula auditing

Audit formulas with some of the most powerful tracing and data visualization tools available for Excel.

Workbook optimization tools

Improve workbook stability and speed, remove clutter, and reduce file size.


Color inputs, formulas, worksheet links, etc. according to your preferred convention, either automatically upon entry or upon command.

Classic interface

We brought back the intuitive Excel® 2003 menus for those who prefer them to Excel's® ribbon interface.

Enterprise deployment

Macabacus Pro includes enterprise tools that better support corporate branding (e.g. colors, fonts), centralized settings management, and more.

† Macabacus Pro only

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The macro is a life saver.

Eric K.

I started using Macabacus as an alternative to FactSet's DealMaven years ago, but now Macabacus has become far better.

Yuri K.

This has made my life so much easier when working in Excel models.

Thomas Y.

Absolutely brilliant and better than DealMaven's version. I got everyone I know who uses Excel to download it.

Arjun S.

I would have spent hours editing my models without it.

Anh T.
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Macabacus is used at hundreds of companies, from boutique
investment banks to Fortune 500 enterprises. Here are just a few:

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