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Office® 2013
v4.3.1 | Windows | 8.9Mb
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Office® 2010
v4.3.1 | Windows | 8.9Mb
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Office® 2007
v4.3.1 | Windows | 7.8Mb
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Macabacus Lite

Completely FREE — really!
With no executable files, Lite installs easily on any computer, even at the office.
Download Lite for
Excel® 2013
v5.0.1 | Windows | 359kb
Download Lite for
Excel® 2010
v5.0.1 | Windows | 381kb
Download Lite for
Excel® 2007
v5.0.1 | Windows | 410kb

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For use with Microsoft® Office 2013/10/07/03 for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP®. Macabacus Macros may conflict with other add-ins you have installed.

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