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Big 4 accounting firms and global consulting firms, and students at leading schools like Booth and Wharton

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Such a great product. I tell every analyst I know about the work you guys do. Simply fantastic.

Gavin H.

I will say that Macabacus is the industry leader. I rely so heavily on it every day, it is an amazing program, I can't believe the level of functionality and application it provides me with. Appreciate the amazing program!

Billy A.

I love what you've done with the Suite. It's good enough now where it is better than CapIQ and I'll be using it full time for pasting links and for managing content!

George J.

I really like your product, and I've tried them all — nothing comes close as far as I'm concerned...In fact I was so dissatisfied with some of the other offerings that I wrote my own addin to suit my needs.

Trevor M.

I have been in the industry for ~10 years and I have used several of the shortcut packages (DealMaven, etc.), but I must say that my experience with Macabacus was superior.

Keith P.

I started using Macabacus as an alternative to FactSet's DealMaven years ago, but now Macabacus has become far better than it.

Yuri K.

Just downloaded [Macabacus], as I left PE to come to a portfolio company and lost the DealMaven subscription. Needless to say, I think this will be a lifesaver.

Ben N.

I found your Excel macro absolutely brilliant and in fact better than DealMaven's version. I have got everyone I know who uses Excel to download it.

Arjun S.

You have a pretty amazing product—superior to other similar addins (like WSP Boost, etc).

Brian W.

[Macabacus] is a game changer. It's much better than CapIQ, FactSet, etc.

Marker A.

Macros are awesome; definitely great if you don't have DealMaven and are used to working fast in Excel.

Vishal S.

The Excel product is amazing and I owe you guys 2-5 hours a week of my life.

Alex D.

I'd just like to share that I think your Excel add-in is fantastic. After 3 years as an IB analyst, DealMaven was hardwired into my DNA. I got to use it for about a year after my stint ended, but it was then acquired by FactSet and I learned, when I had to swap out computers, that FactSet would not honor the lifetime licenses of DealMaven/FastTrack users. Only time in my life I've ever yelled at a customer support rep! After about a year of tearing my hair out, then using another add-in that was subsequently discontinued, I found you guys, and my sanity was restored. After a few years of freeloading, I knew I owed it to y'all to become a paying subscriber. Well worth the cost.

Sean M.

Hell yeah!! Love this product. DealMaven screwed me when they got bought by FactSet; never honored my perpetual license. Thanks a million!!

Mark H.

Huge fan of your macros for Excel. Massive lifesaver after I left banking and was stranded on a desert island without FactSet's resources.

Ian M.

I recently downloaded your macros as a replacement for DealMaven, which no longer supports my lifetime subscription. Wanted to drop you a line and say thank you.

Mark M.

Really love the software and think it is much better than anything I've ever used from a feature standpoint.

Isaac R.

Macabacus is to add-ins what Christmas is to other celebrated holidays; the most significant!

Johan B.

I would like to let you know that I'm a big fan of your product. It's a pleasure to use and makes financial modeling so much easier. Keep up the good work.

Frans D.

Great product btw. After leaving banking where I relied too much on DealMaven, Macabacus is a life saver!

Francis M.

We have been messing around with Capital IQ's new PresCenter functionality, and it is a nightmare compared to Macabacus IMO. Looks like they ripped off some of your macros for excel and threw a new name on it. Macabacus is still by far the industry leader.

William A.

The product is pretty spot-on. It's nice to be able to finally do the Smart Dependent macros across different files again.

Nathan O.

I found your suite add-in extremely useful, a life saver. I have recently moved from banking to a start-up PE Fund in India. Macabacus Pro is even better than the Factset tools that we were so used to in banking days.

Siddhartha S.

Thank you for creating a viable alternative to DealMaven! I used to work in investment banking and got a finance job at a technology company recently. I didn't think that I would be able to survive without DealMaven.

Brian H.

Macabacus Macros are extremely useful. I think I would have spent hours editing my models without it.

Anh T.

Thanks for [Macabacus]. This is probably one of the best I have seen available.

Patrick C.

I think that Macabacus is absolutely amazing, a huge time saver and very user-friendly.

Johan V.

Thank you very much for putting together this set of macros. It is EXTREMELY helpful.

Christopher Y.

Your admin site is the best I think I have ever used. I wish all were this good.

Jason P.

Customer service at its finest. Loved Macabacus ever since my first job back in 2013.

David S.

I am a big fan of your Excel macros and it has already saved me countless hours.

Anup M.

This plugin plays its part in making sure I sleep at night, despite working in M&A.

Anand B.

Love the product, wouldn't be able to live without it in my post-banking career.

Ed T.

The macro is a life saver.

Eric K.

You clearly have the best product in the market

Mike R.

Many thanks for providing us with this excellent tool!

Florian N.

Still loving the product so far and have been using it a lot.

Dennis D.