Cell Comments

Fix Comment

Cell comments can become displaced relative to their parent cells, and/or become flattened (height = zero) very quickly while modeling. Macabacus' Fix Comment tool restores selected cells' comments to their default positions relative to their parent cells, and optionally resizes. When multiple worksheets are selected, this operation will be performed on all comments on those sheets.

In the Excel > Format > Other section in Macabacus' Settings dialog, you can specify whether you want to both reposition and resize comments, or just reposition them. If you elect to resize comments, you can specify whether you want Macabacus to resize comments to fit content, or resize comments to default dimensions.


Delete Comment

Delete comments from selected cells. When multiple worksheets are selected, all comments on those sheets will be deleted. This is much faster than the Excel's native and labor-intensive Shift+F2 > Esc > Delete sequence otherwise required for each individual cell containing a comment you want to delete.


Delete Empty Comments

Delete all comments in the active workbook that contain no text other than the author's name.

Remove Author

Remove the author's name from all cell comments in the active workbook. This might be handy when you want to send a workbook to a client but maintain anonymity for the workbook's creator, for example.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.15.9. Some features and descriptions of these features may not
apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.