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Macabacus' Recolor dialog, accessed via the Macabacus > Recolor button, is essentially a find-and-replace tool for colors in a presentation. You can swap colors in an entire presentation, a single slide, or a single shape, specifying whether you want to replace the font, fill, and/or border/line colors. Macabacus can even swap colors in slide masters, custom layouts, charts, tables, and SmartArt. Macabacus cannot swap colors in pictures or embedded objects.

Fix Transparent Fill

PowerPoint users often adjust the transparency properties of shapes in order to create lighter shades of darker colors. This is poor practice, since semi-transparent colors often reduce PDF and print quality, take longer to load on screen (particularly on mobile devices), and inflate file size. Click the Macabacus > Fix Transparent Fill button to replace semi-transparent colors in selected shapes with a solid, lighter color that appears identical to the semi-transparent color.

Fix Grayscale

In grayscale or black and white views, or in presentations printed in black and white, colors within shapes can sometimes appear too dark or too light. Click the Macabacus > Fix Grayscale button to correct the grayscale appearance for all shapes in a presentation prior to printing in black and white.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.9.3, and may differ from the PDF documentation
on your computer that installed with your version of Macabacus.