Linked Slides


Linked Slides

You can link PowerPoint slides to those used in other presentations, in much the same way that you link to Excel. When inserting content using the Library pane (accessed from the Macabacus tab), you are provided an option to link inserted slides to their source slides. You can also link slides by copying them from other presentations and then clicking the Macabacus > Paste Link button.

For example, suppose a slide in the shared Content Library contains year-to-date information and is updated weekly. You add this slide to your presentation on May 1 using the Library pane, but on May 15 when you are putting the finishing touches on your presentation, that slide is already outdated. If you linked the slide to its source when inserting in your presentation, you can simply click the Macabacus > Update Link button to update it to the most current version.

Updating Links

Select one or more linked slides and click the Macabacus > Update Link button. The source presentation does not need to be open to update linked slides.

Editing Links

Select one or more linked slides and click the Macabacus > Edit Link button. This opens the Edit Link dialog that allows you to change the source presentation and the source slide. For example, you can use this dialog to relink a linked slide to a newer version of the source presentation.

Break Link

Select one or more linked slides and click the Macabacus > Break Link button. This removes the link between the slide and its source.

View Source

Select one or more linked slides and click the Macabacus > View Source button. If the source presentation is already open it will be activated, and the source slide will be made visible. If not, Macabacus will open the source presentation.

Manage Links

You can manage multiple linked slides with the Manage Links dialog, accessed by clicking the Macabacus > Manage button. With the Manage Links dialog you can perform the operations described above on multiple linked slides simultaneously. For example, you would use this dialog to relink all linked slides in a presentation to a newer version of the source presentation.

When you open a presentation, Macabacus will check it for updates to slides linked to Macabacus libraries. If updates are available, you will have the opportunity to preview them before applying them to your presentation.

When linking to slides in other PowerPoint presentations, the source slides in those presentations are tagged with information identifying them as link sources. If source slides are deleted or replaced, any pre-established links to them will be broken. This presents a problem when updating the content in shared libraries, as the administrator of that content must be careful not to unintentionally break links that could affect multiple end users' presentations.

For example, suppose a slide in a shared library contains year-to-date information and must be updated weekly. Multiple Macabacus users link to this slide in their presentations. If the administrator of the shared library simply adds the new slide and deletes the old one, all of those previously established links would be broken.

The administrator should instead use the Migrate Links tool, accessible from the Macabacus tab in the Links group, to migrate any existing links from the old slide to the new one, before deleting the old slide. This will point the links in users' presentations to the new slide, and the old slide can be safely deleted.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.15.9. Some features and descriptions of these features may not
apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.