Slide Numbering

Slide Numbers


PowerPoint's native slide numbering functionality is limited and produces results that are not always consistent with your expectations or needs. Macabacus' slide numbering tools allow you to manage slide numbers with greater control, letting you determine where slide numbers appear, in what sequence, and at what starting slide number. To manage slide numbers, open the Slide Numbers dialog by clicking the Macabacus > Slides > Slide Numbers button.

Number Visibility

The Slide Numbers dialog lets you quickly toggle the visibility of slide numbers on individual slides. You can only toggle the visibility of slide numbers on slides whose layouts contain slide number placeholders.

When you toggle the visibility of a slide number off and then back on, the number in the slide number placeholder is automatically reset by PowerPoint to its default value, overriding any number sequence changes applied as described below.

Number Sequence

Starting Slide Number

In the Slide Numbers dialog, check the "Start numbering at 1" checkbox to begin your slide numbers at 1, regardless of the slide index. With this option checked, Macabacus will use 1 as the slide number on the first slide in the presentation for which you have chosen to show slide numbers. Even if the first two slides in your presentation are a cover page and a table of contents without slide numbers, you can still show the slide number as 1 on the third slide.

Sequential Numbering

In the Slide Numbers dialog, check the "Sequential numbering" checkbox to tell Macabacus not to skip numbers when numbering slides. For example, if you have a presentation with a single flysheet, and the flysheet does not contain a slide number (or you have chosen to hide it in the Slide Numbers dialog). With this option enabled, if the slide before the flysheet is numbered 4, the slide after the flysheet will be numbered 5 (as if the flysheet was not there). Without this option enabled, the slide after the flysheet would be numbered 6, as if the flysheet was numbered 5.

Automatic updating

When you use PowerPoint's default slide numbering convention, slide numbers update automatically as you move, add, or remove slides in a presentation. However, after numbering slides as described above (or even after manually editing slide numbers), affected slide numbers no longer update automatically. This is expected PowerPoint behavior.

Therefore, it may be appropriate to wait to renumber slides until the presentation is otherwise finalized and "ready for print," and tolerate PowerPoint's native slide numbering while you are drafting the presentation.

Reset Numbering

Click the Reset button in the Slide Numbers dialog to use PowerPoint's native slide number sequence, overriding any number sequence changes applied as described above and allowing slide numbers to update automatically.

Legacy Slide Numbers

Microsoft changed how slide numbers are implemented in PowerPoint 2007. Most PowerPoint users have fully embraced the new methodology, although old presentations and templates using the legacy convention still exist (particularly in larger organizations). While PowerPoint somewhat supports legacy slide numbering for backward compatibility, continued use of the legacy convention in newer versions of PowerPoint is not recommended and will eventually create problems with slide numbering. Accordingly, Macabacus' support for legacy slide numbering is limited.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 8.15.9. Some features and descriptions of these features may not
apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.