This documentation is a guide for installing/deploying, configuring, and using Macabacus add-ins for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Macabacus is the leading suite of Office productivity tools, used worldwide by thousands of professionals in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, and other finance capacities.


This online documentation applies to Macabacus version 9.4.5. If you are using an older version of Macabacus, this documentation may differ from the PDF documentation that installed with Macabacus, if applicable.

Unless otherwise noted, this documentation applies to the full version of Macabacus, not Macabacus Lite. Although Macabacus and Macabacus Lite share some functionality, descriptions of that functionality herein may not apply to Macabacus Lite.

Who Should Read This Documentation?

This documentation is intended for Macabacus software end users and IT, training, presentation technologies, or other administrators who oversee the deployment of Macabacus software within their organizations. Software resellers may also find the Account Management section of this documentation helpful.

Using This Documentation

Throughout this documentation, we refer to controls—buttons, menus, etc.—on the Macabacus tabs in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Such references are expressed as: Macabacus > [Button/Menu Name]. We use the same text style to denote shortcut keystrokes, file names/paths, and dialog controls. If only the referenced control's icon is visible on the Macabacus tab, the text shown in this documentation is the text that appears at the top of the tooltip visible when you mouse over the control.

Most Macabacus tools for Excel have associated keyboard shortcuts. Where these tools' shortcuts are cycles or toggles, a appears next to the tool name. Where we consider a tool's shortcut to be essential for maximizing productivity, a appears next to the tool's name.

Throughout this documentation, we refer to Excel, PowerPoint, and Word collectively as "Office applications." Such references implicitly exclude Outlook and any other Office application for which Macabacus is not installed.

This documentation refers to Macabacus version 9.4.5. Some features and descriptions of these features may not
apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.