Turbocharge Your Workflows

Enable Excel, PowerPoint, and Word with the enterprise-grade
tools that finance and consulting professionals prefer

80%+ Time Savings for Routine Tasks

Automate routine tasks and perform complex operations with fewer keystrokes or mouse clicks

Powerful Formula Auditing & Modeling

Ensure the accuracy and integrity of your spreadsheet formulas to avoid critical / costly modeling errors

Charting Tools

Generate on-brand, best-practices charts and manipulate chart elements more efficiently

Keyboard Cycles & Toggles

Dozens of keyboard shortcuts make routine operations in Excel a breeze

Workbook Optimization

Dramatically improve spreadsheet performance and stability, and reduce file size by 90%+ in some cases

Extensive Customization

Configure nearly all Macabacus tools to your preferences and corporate design standards or branding guidelines

Reliably Link to Excel

Link PowerPoint and Word to Excel with the most reliable, powerful, and versatile linking capability available

Check Presentations for Mistakes

Create flawless, on-brand presentations by scanning for errors and inconsistencies in formatting, layout, and content

Table of Contents / Agenda Automation

Create agendas and tables of contents that update automatically in your presentations

Shared Content & Template Libraries

Share standardized, reusable, on-brand content and templates across your organization to promote consistency

Brand Compliance

Ensure that models, presentations, and documents produced by your organization retain your brand identity

Enterprise Deployment

Easily share settings with all users to ensure a consistenent Macabacus experience and work product


Often imitated but never duplicated, Macabacus' quality, breadth, and value is unmatched.
But don't take our word for it. Check out similar solutions and see for yourself.

Trusted Worldwide

Tens of thousands of investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, accounting, consulting, and wealth management professionals use Macabacus

Such a great product. I tell every analyst I know about the work you guys do. Simply fantastic.

— Gavin H.

I started using Macabacus as an alternative to FactSet's DealMaven years ago, but now Macabacus has become far better.

— Yuri K.

Absolutely brilliant and better than DealMaven's version. I got everyone I know who uses Excel to download it.

— Arjun S.

I think that Macabacus is absolutely amazing, a huge time saver and very user-friendly.

— Johan V.

100% Authentic

No bogus ROI calculators, no fake customer testimonials, and no dubious sales tactics.
We make awesome software that competes on its merits, not our ability to sell it to you.

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