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Excel Complete Solutions Niche Products
Annual Price (USD)$$$$$$$$$600$298$386$419FreeN/A
Cell / chart formatting
Formula auditing / data visualization
Financial modeling tools
Charting tools
Search & navigation
Export data to PowerPoint / Word
Workbook optimization
Corporate branding & design features
Miscellaneous utilities
= full functionality
= limited functionality
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PowerPoint Complete Solutions Niche Products
Annual Price (USD)$$$$$$$$$600$247$$$$$300$139
Link to Excel data / charts
Agenda (table of contents) automation
Check presentations for mistakes
Content management (slides, shapes, etc.)
Deal tombstone library
Multi-state shapes (e.g., Harvey Balls)
Shape formatting / arranging
Slide stamps
Redact text / logos for privacy
Corporate branding & design features
= full functionality
= limited functionality
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Word Complete Solutions Niche Products
Annual Price (USD)$$$$$$$$$$$$$247$300$300
Link to Excel data / charts
Document automation
Content management
Corporate branding & design features
Redact text / logos for privacy
= full functionality
= limited functionality
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“The tracker makes it easy to identify if a mistake was made in your formulas. This is a time saver.”
Miguel Angel T.
“It has increased the speed at which I am able to produce quality financial models dramatically.”
Trevor S.
“I have been using Macabacus non-stop since 2008 and I wouldn't be where I am today in my career without it.”
Sean G
“I have probably cut down on my model formatting time by 50%, and my models look better.”
Dave H.
“These functions help analysts work more efficiently and with greater accuracy.”
Katie F
“Still loving the product so far and have been using it a lot.”
Dennis D.
“Many thanks for providing us with this excellent tool!”
Florian N.
“You clearly have the best product in the market”
Mike R.

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