Release Notes

Version 9.4

9.4.3 (16 Nov 2022) NEW

  • PowerPoint Added streamlined bulk publishing option for meta content
  • ExcelPowerPoint Improved image quality of Excel charts exported to PowerPoint as pictures
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor fixes and updates


  • PowerPoint New MasterShape placement flags
  • Excel Pro Precedents workaround for Excel bugs in detection of precedents in certain scenarios
  • Excel Fix logic used to detect partial inputs for AutoColor purposes
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Library pane fixes and improvements, including better support for long content titles and metadata text
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor bug fixes and updates


  • Word Floated linked shapes now retain their position / wrap properties upon link refresh
  • PowerPoint Better handle clipboard interference from other applications when publishing slides to libraries
  • Excel Now search for partial inputs using Super Find
  • Excel Update logic used to detect partial inputs for AutoColor purposes
  • Excel Explorer now shows conditional formatting and data validation outside of the used range
  • Excel Pro Precedents and Simplify Formula now handle non-numeric values when evaluating MIN and MAX functions
  • Excel Fixed a row/column hiding bug
  • Excel Improved Nav Aid behavior when selection includes an entire row / column


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Reorder and rename library content without republishing
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Configure and share new libraries more easily
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Share Macabacus settings more intuitively
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Download library usage data
  • PowerPoint Include any slide by default in new presentations created with Macabacus
  • PowerPoint More easily create new presentations with Macabacus using any template in your library
  • Word Do not prompt to remove link highlights when AutoSave is enabled for documents in OneDrive
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates

Version 9.3


  • Excel Improved Pro Precedents ability to parse certain formulas where Excel incorrectly identifies precedents
  • PowerPoint Fixed incorrect formatting on slides in some cases when using Send tool to send a single selected slide
  • PowerPoint Added workaround for PowerPoint bug causing Highlight Links to use the wrong highlight color in some cases
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates and bug fixes


  • PowerPoint Improved reliability of inline text linking and added support for text linking within tables
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added support for duplicating data groups and other minor improvements in Library Manager
  • PowerPoint Added support for shape locking across several tools
  • PowerPoint Fixed slide numbering issue
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor bug fixes

Version 9.2


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved error handling when creating and refreshing links
  • PowerPoint Fixed footers and slide numbers not appearing on new slides when required by template configuration in some scenarios
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates and bug fixes


  • Excel Authentication bug fixes
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Implemented new feedback form


  • Excel Improvements to behavior when inserting tables from libraries
  • Excel Implemented workaround for Excel bug that caused charts to resize in some cases when using Move Data Labels
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates and bug fixes


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fix inability for some users to create shared libraries


  • PowerPoint Fix inability to load archived decks in Library pane for some users
  • PowerPoint Fix minor error in grammar check in proofing tools


  • PowerPoint Fix insert table of contents not working since v9.2.0


  • Excel Fix user authentication bugs affecting Pro Precedents / Dependents since v9.2.0


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Updates to user authentication

Version 9.1


  • Word Doc Builder performance improvements
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added ability to filter library images by image type in Library pane and other minor Library pane updates
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes related to publishing library content
  • Excel Fixed Pro Precedents / Dependents delay when unhiding entire rows and columns


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added environment variable to facilitate configuration of local cloud sync folder for many users in some environments
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added ability to download images in Library pane


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Performance improvements, bug fixes, and other updates affecting many tools
  • WordAdded Doc Builder support for document headers and footers
  • ExcelImproved Pro Precedents support for merged cells


  • PowerPoint Fixed new presentations created with Macabacus missing flysheets in some configurations


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Library pane performance and UI/UX improvements and bug fixes
  • PowerPoint Bulk import metadata for faster publishing of Meta Shapes (e.g., tombstones) and other meta content
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes and other updates


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fix bug introduced in v9.1.4 that caused an error when loading empty colors in the Color Palettes view in the Settings dialog, and when removing colors from a palette in that view
  • PowerPoint Fixed slide linking to library slides in OneDrive
  • PowerPoint Fixed some non-conforming text colors not being detected by proofing tools


  • PowerPoint Added Lock Slides tool for preventing changes to slides
  • ExcelPowerPointWord UI/UX improvements to Settings dialog
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor analytics updates


  • WordAdded Number to Words tool for converting numbers to text
  • PowerPoint Fixed MasterShape text placeholders for section/subsection indicies not getting populated
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added new symbols to Insert Symbol menu
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed bug that could cause rows not to be exported in pictures when the exported range is a table with grouped and collapsed rows
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates bug fixes


  • ExcelImproved support for dynamic array formulas in various tools
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved import/export handling of filtered tables, and added support for removing column header arrows from autofiltered ranges that are not structured as tables


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Faster link refresh and import/export speed in some scenarios
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved authentication messaging
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved usage analytics

Version 9.0


  • PowerPoint Fixed bug preventing immediate access to Manage Links dialog by Presenter users for working with slide links since v9.0.0


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Prevent Dropbox cloud storage error for some users message when no Dropbox found


  • Excel Cleaning names can now be canceled by the user and minor Name Scrubber improvements
  • Word Add tool to improve scrolling in Word for docs with many text links by hiding text link Content Controls
  • PowerPoint Fixed Template Wizard not building example agenda shapes
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improve error handling when exporting chart types introduced in Office 2016 and later as charts that cannot be exported as such
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed error when inserting shapes published in v9 from the Library pane
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes and updates


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed error when upgrading libraries in some cases


  • Excel Delete Blank Columns and Delete Blank Rows bug fixes
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved error handling


  • ExcelPowerPointWord General error handling improvements
  • Excel Name Scrubber performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Excel Fixed focus issues with Library Manager


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Addressed buffer overflow error when upgrading libraries in some cases
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor Share Settings dialog interface improvements
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor performance improvements


  • ExcelWord Fixed problem with linking between Excel and Word in some cases


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed problem with upgrading libraries when no custom fields are defined in a data group


  • Word Improved link refresh speed in some scenarios, particularly when refreshing a very large number of links
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed duplicate content identifiers that may occur when publishing library content
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor performance improvements across various tools
  • PowerPoint Fixed error when publishing collections of library slides that contain no text
  • PowerPoint Improved error handling when publishing library slides from a presentation saved in OneDrive/SharePoint


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added support for multiple shared libraries
  • ExcelPowerPointWord New user interface for more intuitive and centralized library management
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added ability to manage user access to libraries via user groups
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added ability to mark library content as favorites
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added library support for SVG images
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added automatic detection of cloud storage (e.g., OneDrive, Dropbox) shared folders
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Moved some account-level settings to the Admin Console for easier administration
  • ExcelPowerPoint Added ability to share more settings
  • PowerPoint Signficantly improved reliability of slide links and self-healing capability for broken slide links
  • PowerPoint Exporting tombstone and other data from the Library Data dialog to Excel is now much faster
  • PowerPoint Fixed a Library Data dialog bug that could cause exporting tombstone and other data to Excel to abort in some scenarios
  • PowerPoint Fixed Prepare to Share dialog not processing group shapes properly in some scenarios
  • PowerPoint Fixed TurboShapes being created with no fill color in presentations created from templates where default shapes contains no fill
  • Excel Added new Smart Plot Order tool for intelligently reordering series in stacked column / bar charts based on size / value
  • Excel Added Super Find searching for unused numeric inputs
  • Excel Fixed bug preventing Isolate Worksheet from working with multiple sheets selected

Version 8.15


  • PowerPoint Added proofing check for cropped images that may contain sensitive information outside of the visible area (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Added proofing check for crooked lines and inadvertently rotated shapes (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Added tool to duplicate shapes on all other slides in a presentation (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Added Prepare to Share ability to remove slide comments in a presentation (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • Excel Improved Pro Precedents support for merged cells (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Fixed Super Find bug that could freeze Excel when finding formulas that reference blank cells and merged cells are encountered (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Fixed minor Super Find keyboard navigation issue (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Fixed bug that could prevent Soft Disable and Maximize View tools from working properly under certain conditions (Excel 2013+)


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed bug introduced in v8.15.8 that could prevent upgrading settings in some upgrade paths (Office 2013+)


  • Excel Added support for threaded comments in Explorer, Super Find, Prepare to Share, and other tools, and added dedicated tools for working with comments (Excel 2016+)
  • ExcelPowerPoint Workaround for apparent Excel bug that can lead to improper data label number formats when exporting some charts to PowerPoint as charts (Office 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Improved grouped shape handling and fixed minor settings bug in Prepare to Share tool (PowerPoint 2013+)


  • Excel Added Pro Precedents / Dependents support for dynamic array formulas and spill ranges (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Fixed prompt to activate upon every Excel startup when setting to maximize workspace on startup is enabled (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Fixed Flip Sign failure when working with certain formulas that left calculation set to manual (Excel 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Thumbnail image improvements in Library panes (Office 2013+)


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Subsequent loading of library content in the Library panes and New menus in Excel and Word is faster (Office 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved handling of preview images for shape and EMF/WMF image content in Library panes (Office 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed Library pane bug that could prevent content from loading when multiple content groups are expanded (Office 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved handling of aborted library caching (Office 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Fixed error when publishing slides with no text to libraries (Office 2013+)
  • Excel Minor improvements to Error Wrap tool, including bug fix related to configuration (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Disabled by default row/column group/ungroup shortcuts that may conflict with native Excel shortcuts (Excel 2013+)


  • Excel Added Pro Precedents support for opening links to workbooks with URL paths like OneDrive and SharePoint (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Improved column and row sizing when inserting tables from a library (Excel 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed tables not appearing in Library Content dialog (Office 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Fixed failure of Links section of Macabacus tab to appear in some authentication scenarios (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Fixed minor UI issues with proofing tools (PowerPoint 2013+)


  • PowerPoint Fixed possible font formatting issues in slides published to libraries (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord User authentication changes (Office 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes and updates (Office 2013+)


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed Quick Export not working in some cases since v8.15.0 (Office 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Fixed error message that could appear after fixing an issue identified by proofing tools (Office 2013+)


  • Excel Improved Pro Dependents behavior when processing a large number of dependents (Office 2013+)
  • Excel Improved Pro Precedents parsing of function arguments (Office 2013+)
  • Excel Added Pro Precedents support for parsing XLOOKUP arguments (Office 2016+)
  • Excel Added Simplify Formulas support for XLOOKUP (Office 2016+)


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed import/export bug introduced in v8.15.0 (Office 2013+)


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved handling of multiple instances of Office applications (particularly Excel) affecting several tools, particularly import/export and linking operations (Office 2013+)
  • PowerPointWord Improved Excel link refresh performance (Office 2013+)
  • PowerPointWord Minor Manage Links dialog bug fixes (Office 2013+)

Version 8.14


  • Excel Pro Precedents / Dependents now automatically collapse rows and columns expanded when navigating (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Resolved formatting discrepancies between selected worksheets sent as a workbook using Send Workbook and the original worksheets
  • Excel Fixed Chart & Plot Size dialog not opening since v8.14.6 (Excel 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Fixed Reformat view not loading in Proofing pane since v8.14.6 (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed minor scrolling issues in Library panes (Office 2013+)


  • ExcelPowerPoint Appearance of charts exported as charts to PowerPoint is more reliably consistent with the source chart
  • Excel Appearance of PDFs created using Send Workbook and PDF to Folder tools is more reliably consistent with workbook appearance and PDFs generated natively
  • Excel Replaced references to "comments" with references to "notes" to mirror recent Excel changes (Excel 2016+)
  • PowerPoint TurboShape popup UI improvements (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes and updates


  • PowerPoint Fixed issue with published slides not appearing exactly as originals in some cases (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Fixed issue with selected slides not appearing exactly as originals in some cases when using Send tool (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • Word Eliminated some prompts to save changes to the normal template (Word 2013+)


  • Word Added tool to highlight Macabacus links in a document (Word 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added ability to name palette colors (Office 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Implemented workaround for PowerPoint bug that may create extraneous guides in new presentations created with Macabacus (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • Excel Minor updates (Excel 2013+)


  • ExcelWord Improved Shortcut Manager interface (Office 2013+)
  • Excel Fixed Last Audited Cell bug introduced in v8.14.0 (Excel 2013+)


  • Excel Updates to Pro Precedents formula parsing algorithm (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Names edited in Name Scrubber may now include periods
  • PowerPoint Footnote tools now properly handle superscripted ordinal indicators (e.g., "st," "th") in slide text
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates


  • Excel Updates to Pro Precedents function argument evaluation algorithm (Excel 2013+)


  • Excel Major Pro Precedents update with refreshed interface, improved formula parsing, and new features including function argument evaluation, support for 3D references, and hyperlinked references (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Major Pro Dependents update with refreshed interface and grouping of adjacent dependents for easier navigation (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Improved Error Wrap performance
  • Excel Formula errors now display properly in PDFs created using Send and PDF to Folder tools
  • Excel Improved Paste Duplicate, Uniformulas, and Formula Flow support for viewing workbooks in multiple windows
  • PowerPoint Improved Explorer automatic updating when agenda changes (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPoint Minor Explorer performance improvements (Office 2013+)

Version 8.13


  • Excel Added Pro Dependents support for up to five audited cells (Excel 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Agenda groups now support decorative shapes that do not contain textboxes (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Added MasterShapes support for presentation title placeholders (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved handling of corrupted library manifests (Office 2013+)


  • ExcelPowerPoint Major overhaul of Explorer panes with many improvements (Office 2013+)
  • Excel Major improvements to Pro Dependents performance when processing a large number of dependents
  • Excel Added support for simplifying / evaluating INDEX(MATCH) formulas containing an optional third argument
  • PowerPoint Fixed issue that could prevent refreshing slide library links (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates

Version 8.12


  • PowerPointWord Manage Links dialog now supports column sorting (Office 2013+)
  • PowerPointWord Manage Links dialog now lets you export link information to Excel (Office 2013+)
  • Excel Quick Chart options no longer overwrite chart data when small chart sizes are used
  • Excel Pro Precedents now recognizes range names that include periods
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Field buttons are now hidden automatically in pivot charts exported as pictures
  • ExcelPowerPoint Ribbon menus now support Standard Sizes named with ampersands
  • PowerPoint Added tool to rename slides, which cannot be done natively
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates


  • Excel Eliminated flicker in some task panes (e.g., Tab Browser, Shortcut Manager) when keying Macabacus shortcuts (mainly Excel 2013)
  • Excel Move Data Labels dialog no longer shows an error message repeatedly when an invalid step input is entered
  • Word Fixed bug preventing Start screen from displaying or no new document at start-up (Word 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Fixed issue with horizontally centering images in tombstone templates (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Minor Send Presentation dialog improvements (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Eliminated error message when clicking native Reset Slide button from a context menu (PowerPoint 2013+)


  • PowerPoint Admins can now select multiple metadata options from a list when publishing tombstones, Meta Slides, and archived decks to libraries. Accordingly, users can now select multiple list options in the Library pane to filter these content types (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Added new tachometer built-in TurboShape and updated TurboShape popup UIs (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • Excel Improved positioning for Pro Precedents / Dependents dialogs when working with multiple displays; these dialogs now remain on the screen you left them the next time they are opened
  • Excel Fixed minor UI issues with Super Find pane (Excel 2016+)

Version 8.11


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Workaround for Excel bug that could cause refreshing Excel links to delete the source worksheet when the source workbook is viewed in multiple windows
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug that recorded negative responses to boolean prompts as affirmative responses when publishing tombstones, Meta Slides, and archived decks (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Fixed Proofing pane bug that applied incorrect fixes when millions and billions abbreviation conventions were set to "m" and "b," respectively (PowerPoint 2013+)


  • Word Improved support for Excel links in document headers/footers (Word 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Added Auto Align tool for fixing misaligned shapes (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Proofing tools can now check for misaligned shapes (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Styles now provide limited support for tables (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint The active template setting can now be shared in the Enterprise Configuration dialog (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Added dedicated tool for fixing picture scaling issues (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint MasterShapes now support section / subsection indicies (e.g., "D", "IV") in section titles on content slides (PowerPoint 2013+)


  • PowerPoint Combined existing pagination tools into a new utility and added support for facing (north/south) slides (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Workaround for PowerPoint bug introduced in June 2019 Office update that can add an infinite number of slides to a presentation when using certain Macabacus tools, freezing PowerPoint (PowerPoint 365, only)


  • Excel Improved Name Scrubber stability when working with tens of thousands of names
  • Excel Cleaning names now suppresses native Excel messages when deleting certain names that interrupt the operation
  • Excel Paste Exact and Paste Duplicate now support cells containing a prefix character (leading apostrophe)
  • PowerPoint Remove Unused Layouts now shows a message indicating the number of layouts removed
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug causing a Proofing pane to freeze in presentations with slide titles containing only spaces


  • Word Addressed issues with ghost links caused by Track Changes (Word 2013+)
  • Excel AutoFit Height / Width tools now optionally resize hidden rows and columns (Excel 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Workaround for Windows clipboard issues affecting some Macabacus tools


  • Excel Improved Copy/Paste Row/Column Info behavior improvements (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Workaround for Windows bug preventing operation of Border Outline Cycle and Border Color Cycle in some cases (Excel 2016+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed logging issue introduced in v8.11.7 that may show errors or affect operation of some tools (Office 2016+)


  • Excel Added Fill Color Cycle and Macabacus style support for cell fill patterns (Excel 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Minor updates (PowerPoint 2013+)


  • PowerPoint Added Tombstone Generator for standardizing tombstone creation (except PowerPoint 2010)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor performance improvements (except Office 2010)
  • Excel Minor UI updates (except Excel 2010)


  • PowerPoint Added Meta Slides for publishing filterable slides like case studies, credentials, and biographies to libraries (except PowerPoint 2010)
  • PowerPoint Added ability to publish (archive) filterable, whole presentations to libraries (except PowerPoint 2010)
  • PowerPoint Added Prepare to Share tool for sanitizing presentations prior to sharing (except PowerPoint 2010)
  • PowerPoint Extraneous slide master is now deleted when duplicating a presentation
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Send tool now lets you attach both an Office document and PDF to an email (except Office 2010)
  • Excel Group Rows / Columns, Expand Rows / Columns, Collapse Rows / Columns, Delete Row / Column, and Proper Hide tools now work on multiple selected worksheets (except Excel 2010)
  • Excel Prepare to Share has an improved UI and can now remove document properties and custom XML data from workbooks (except Excel 2010)
  • Excel Fixed Edit Style dialog oversize issue
  • Word Fixed Send Document bug when sending selected pages


  • Excel Improved handling of self-referencing formulas in Pro Precedents / Dependents and Show All Precedents / Dependents
  • Excel Show All Precedents performance improvements
  • PowerPoint Improved support for inserting images from libraries into non-rectangular placeholders (except PowerPoint 2010)


  • Word Added new Doc Builder tool to automate document assembly using boilerplate content and autofill fields (except Word 2010)


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed bug that prevented publishing templates to libraries since v8.11.0
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates and bug fixes


  • PowerPoint Added tool to convert embedded objects and charts to pictures (except PowerPoint 2010)
  • PowerPoint Added proofing checks for maximum bullet word count and ink drawings / comments (except PowerPoint 2010)
  • Excel Added new tools that replace formulas with values (flatten) to eliminate specific functions and break formulaic links between worksheets
  • Excel Added Prepare to Share tool to break hyperlinks in a workbook
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor UI improvements and bug fixes


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Overhauled Library panes with major UI improvements, better high-density display support, bug fixes, new tools for administrators to manage content directly within Library panes, and support for future functionality (except Office 2010)
  • PowerPoint Link refresh for a shape containing multiple inline text links no longer breaks one or more text links in some cases
  • PowerPoint Fixed "Unable to cast..." error that might occur when refreshing inline text links imported from Excel (rather than exported to PowerPoint)

Version 8.10


  • PowerPoint Completely rebuilt proofing tools with many new and improved features for ensuring the highest presentation quality and brand compliance (except PowerPoint 2010)
  • PowerPoint Recolor tool improvements
  • PowerPoint Transparent Fill bug fix (except PowerPoint 2010)
  • Excel Workaround for Microsoft bug that could prevent opening the New (library models) menu on the Macabacus tab
  • Word Fixed color cycles starting at the second color in the cycle
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates and bug fixes

Version 8.9


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Patch for SSL/TLS security protocol issue that could prevent Macabacus connection to the Internet with TLS 1.0 disabled
  • ExcelPowerPoint Minor updates


  • PowerPointWord Edit Link dialog loads faster in some cases when the source workbook contains many (>500) range names
  • Excel Fixed theme font issue that could cause incorrect font formatting in PDFs
  • PowerPointWord Fixed theme font issue that could cause incorrect font formatting in charts inserted from the library
  • PowerPoint Fixed theme font issue that could cause incorrect font formatting in charts imported from Excel
  • Word Fixed sizing issues when refreshing linked tables in some cases
  • Word Fixed bug that could append new, rather than replace old, table content when refreshing linked tables with merged cells
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Increased tolerance for Excel bug that may cause exporting to fail in some cases


  • Excel Workaround for Excel 2016/365 bug that could cause Shortcut Manager to display improperly
  • Excel Workaround for Microsoft bug that caused some tools (e.g., Uniformulas, Insert Symbol) to turn off Num Lock
  • Excel Fixed "Custom UI Runtime Error" message that might appear in Excel 2016/365
  • PowerPoint Fixed missing Excel Link menu in some linked table and embedded object context menus
  • PowerPoint Fixed theme font issue that could cause incorrect font formatting in tombstones inserted from the library
  • PowerPointWord Manage Links and Edit Link dialogs now remember their last size
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor bug fixes and updates


  • PowerPoint New Content Slide dialog now shows thumbnails of all layouts at once for easier layout selection
  • PowerPoint Minor Template Wizard improvements
  • Excel Implemented workaround for Excel 2016 bug affecting Growth Arrow operation
  • Excel Fixed last used Growth Arrow settings not being saved since v8.9.4


  • PowerPoint Major Template Wizard improvements that make creating Macabacus-enabled templates easier
  • PowerPoint Fixed Explorer pane not showing linked embedded objects and filters not working properly
  • ExcelWord Fixed a bug causing the source worksheet to be duplicated upon exporting to Word in some cases
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Workaround for Excel 2016 bug that may produce memory errors upon exporting cells as pictures on worksheets with background images
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Macabacus no longer requires a source workbook to be saved for linking


  • Excel Super Find now has the ability to search within print areas, only, and improved support for high density displays (Excel 2016/2013, only)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes and updates


  • PowerPoint Receive notification when linked slide updates are available upon opening presentations
  • PowerPoint Republishing library slides no longer breaks links to them in some cases
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed errors when republishing, deleting, and renaming library items with apostrophes in the file name / path
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed failure to delete old thumbnail images when republishing certain library items
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor bug fixes and updates


  • Excel Add commonly used data validation to cells with the click of a button
  • Excel Styles now support commonly used data validation
  • Excel X-Y Scatter Labels tool now supports multiple series and links data labels to cells containing labels rather than "hardcoding" label text
  • Excel Images inserted from libraries are now sized to match the height or width of a multi-cell, single column or row selection
  • Excel Freeze / unfreeze panes or split / unsplit windows at the same location on multiple worksheets at once
  • Excel Quick CAGR now lets you select an input range on another worksheet
  • PowerPoint Access to a wider selection of numbered bullet styles supported by Office than available via native PowerPoint interfaces


  • Excel Improved Pro Precedents formula editing behavior for precedents on other worksheets
  • PowerPoint Adding proofing check for shapes outside left and right slide margins as defined by the body placeholder on the slide master


  • Excel Added ability to edit audited formulas from the Pro Precedents dialog
  • Excel Added new Soft Disable tool to pause Macabacus when not required to eliminate impact on Excel performance and for troubleshooting
  • Excel Fixed Pro Precedents bug that prevented recognizing precedents on other sheets whose names include an underscore character in rare cases
  • Excel Removed classic Excel 2003 tab—time to move on
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Text description now appears in the Library pane for text published to libraries in this version and later


  • Excel Pro Precedents now includes an option to ignore linked workbooks, rather than open them by default
  • Excel Pro Dependents now processes a maximum, rather than unlimited, number of dependents to avoid making Excel unresponsive
  • Excel Replaced Label Last Point tool with Label Points, allowing you to label last, first, maximum, and minimum points in line charts and clustered column / bar charts
  • Excel Chart add-ons (e.g., stack totals, stat lines, target bands) now support charts whose data resides on a different worksheet
  • Excel Improved Target Band support for stacked bar, column, and line charts
  • Excel Target Band better preserves original value axis scale


  • PowerPoint Introduced enterprise Template Rules to ensure that presentations contain required slides and correct legal notices
  • PowerPoint Added support for front / back covers as special layouts
  • PowerPoint Fixed errant message box when working with Format Painter in some cases
  • Excel Improved handling of external workbook links in Pro Precedents dialog and related bug fixes
  • Excel Added Merge Worksheets tool to merge sheets from multiple workbooks into a single workbook
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor bug fixes and updates


  • Excel Added Stat Line tool to add average, median, and arbitrary value lines to row and column charts
  • Excel Added Target Band tool to add a colored band behind chart data to indicate a target range of values
  • Excel Added tool to match the chart data label font colors to the color of points, lines, markers, etc.
  • Excel Added tool to match the chart series / point colors to the fill color of source data
  • Excel Added ability to color line charts to default Macabacus series colors
  • Excel Fixed Move Data Labels dialog showing incorrect series color in line, scatter, and radar chart types
  • PowerPoint Linked shape animations are now preserved after refreshing links


  • ExcelPowerPoint Tab Browser improvements, including tab drag-and-drop rearranging, sorting, and scrolling (Office 2016/2013, only)
  • Excel Added new Stacked Bar Totals tool
  • Excel Move Data Labels no longer shows series with no labels, reducing clutter and addressing minor bugs
  • PowerPoint Added picture properties, including scale height/width, to the Format Painter pane
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug that could break chart links in a specific scenario upon updating links
  • Word Fixed bug that could break chart or range links in a specific scenario upon updating links
  • PowerPointWord Removed forward compatibility of links. Backward compatibility is unchanged. See the Update Notes for more info
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor bug fixes and updates


  • PowerPointWord Major improvements to Manage Links dialog
  • PowerPoint Improved shape alignment tools behavior
  • Excel Move Data Labels tool improvements, including ability to rotate labels and access to the dialog from context menus
  • Excel Added Recolor Series and Move Data Labels support for doughnut charts
  • Excel Fixed cell comments not applied to all cells when applying styles with comments to multiple cells
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed Proxy Authentication Required dialog not appearing when required since v8.9.3


  • PowerPoint Added ability to add, remove, and rename Standard Sizes
  • PowerPoint Added new tool to disconnect colors from themes to prevent undesirable recoloring of slides / shapes by PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Recolor tool improvements, including better chart support and sorting colors by frequency
  • PowerPoint Added new tool for removing unused layouts and slide masters
  • PowerPoint Added user prompt for style name when creating new styles
  • Word Fixed problems with performing certain link operations when Track Changes is enabled in some cases


  • Excel Name Scrubber performance improvements, particularly when working with large numbers of names
  • PowerPoint TurboShape default colors can now be customized
  • PowerPoint Library pane no longer leaves a hidden instance of PowerPoint open after inserting shapes, slides, and tombstones
  • PowerPoint Improved Recolor tool support for chart series with multiple colors
  • PowerPoint Fixed inability to add new sections at the end of a presentation in some cases
  • PowerPoint Fixed unexpected text formatting changes in inserted MasterShapes in some cases
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed inability to save library paths in the new Settings dialog in some cases
  • ExcelPowerPointWord User interface updates and minor bug fixes


  • ExcelPowerPointWord User interface improvements and updates
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug that could prevent the Set Proofing Language menu from appearing with some Windows language settings


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor user interface updates and bug fixes


  • Excel You can now publish pre-formatted and pre-populated tables to Macabacus libraries
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed inability to open new Settings dialog in Office 2013 or 2016 running on Windows 7
  • Excel Macabacus.xlam is now digitally signed to support customers with the most strict Office security settings


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Consolidated several dialogs used to configure Macabacus into a single dialog to simplify configuration
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fix bug preventing removal and renaming of templates in a library
  • PowerPoint Fixed several issues related to updating linked tables

Version 8.8


  • PowerPointWord Improved behavior when updating linked tables better preserves existing table formatting with that option enabled
  • Excel Clean Cells now removes non-printable characters from cell text
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor improvements


  • Excel Improved navigated cell(s) highlighting behavior in Pro Precedents/Dependents
  • Excel Added Lock/Unlock Scroll Area tools for restricting worksheet visibility to a particular range
  • [PowerPoint, Excel] Exporting cells as a chart no longer fails in certain scenarios and is slightly faster in Office 2016/2013
  • PowerPoint Fixed inability to update charts linked to cells in PowerPoint 2010/2007, only


  • Excel Added NavAid tool that shades rows and columns intersecting the selected range for improved navigation visibility
  • Excel Pro Precedents no longer freezes Excel when tracing precedents of a formula in a merged cell
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug that caused tombstone metadata to be lost when importing settings
  • PowerPoint Minor tombstone big fixes


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Linking and shared libraries now support file sharing services like Dropbox and OneDrive
  • PowerPointWord Fixed bug that could point chart links to a chart in the wrong workbook when the source workbook is closed
  • PowerPoint Introduced tools for adding and removing footnotes on a slide and updating the footnote order sequentially
  • PowerPoint Added Swap Text tool for swapping text between two shapes
  • PowerPoint Tombstones are now inserted from the library as shapes rather than images to fix graphics quality issues
  • PowerPoint Fixed inability to add new fields in the Tombstone Fields dialog


  • PowerPoint Fixed a font highlighting bug in Format Painter
  • Excel Fixed an incorrect error message shown when selecting the data range for a football field Quick Chart
  • Excel Fixed a bug that could lead to unexpected results with number formats and custom styles
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Removed support for legacy activation codes


  • PowerPoint Fixed inline text linking (beta) within placeholders
  • Excel Growth Arrow improvements and bug fixes
  • Word Added PDF to Folder tool for generating PDFs of a document with and without markup simultaneously
  • Excel Added workaround for Excel bug that could cause PDFs generated with Macabacus to not obey print areas
  • ExcelPowerPointWord User authentication and ribbon changes to support PowerPoint tools as a standalone product
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates


  • PowerPointWord Charts inserted from a Macabacus library now use source formatting by default
  • PowerPointWord Fixed chart size errors in charts exported from Excel as charts in some cases
  • Excel Improved support for chart data structured as a table in the Stacked Column Totals and Growth Arrow tools
  • Excel Recolor Series now recolors data points in pie charts rather than series
  • Excel Chart plot area sizing / positioning tools now use dimensions / positions that more intuitively exclude axes


  • Excel Added new Activate Sheet tool
  • PowerPoint Fixed error upon accessing MasterShapes and Styles menu when shape names include ampersands
  • PowerPoint Fixed New Presentation bug that could improperly order slides / sections in some cases


  • Excel Added new Inside Border Cycle tool
  • Excel Improved removal of corrupt styles in Style Scrubber
  • Excel Fixed error when creating butterfly Quick Charts with the data label position option set to "None"
  • PowerPoint Minor MasterShapes updates


  • Word Fixed inability to refresh Excel links caused by a bug introduced in v8.8.5


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed offline mode problems introduced in v8.8.2
  • PowerPointWord Macabacus no longer automatically relinks to a file with a date / time last modified older than that of the original source file


  • PowerPointWord New progress bar shows percent completion when updating links
  • Excel Fixed incorrect chart dimensions shown and/or applied when using some chart resizing tools
  • Excel Improved how Pro Precedents handles evaluation of INDIRECT functions with Evaluate Functions & Groups enabled
  • PowerPoint Fixed link update error when links being updated include certain text links
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed additional dialog / pane scaling issues on Ultra-High Definition (UHD) and 4k displays
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed inability to select a white palette color in the Common Settings dialog in some cases


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed additional dialog / pane scaling issues on Ultra-High Definition (UHD) and 4k displays
  • Excel Move Data Labels now works with series whose data points omit labels (e.g., a line chart where only the last data point is labeled)


  • Word Improvements to chart linking reliability
  • [Word 2010] Text links included within a broader text selection can now be updated
  • PowerPoint Inline text links (beta) no longer use hyperlinks
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor linking-related improvements and bug fixes
  • Excel Fixed rounding problem that may occur when generating PDFs
  • Excel Minor Pro Precedents bug fixes related to formula highlighting and evaluation of INDIRECT functions
  • PowerPoint Removed ability to link between PowerPoint shapes
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor bug fixes and updates


  • [PowerPoint 2016] Implemented workaround for a Microsoft bug that produced an "Invalid request..." error when updating some links
  • [PowerPoint 2016] Implemented workaround for a Microsoft bug that unexpectedly closed the customization balloon when modifying TurboShapes
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Users no longer see an error that authentication failed at Office application startup on PCs requiring FIPS-validated cryptographic algorithms (rare)


  • Excel Fixed Undo bugs introduced in v8.8.0
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor improvement to chart linking reliability
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates


  • PowerPointExcel Inline text linking between Excel and PowerPoint is now possible (beta)
  • PowerPoint Integrated section / subsection titles with MasterShapes
  • PowerPoint Fixed inability to share tombstone metadata through enterprise configuration
  • PowerPoint Fixed slide and chart large preview images from appearing in the Library pane after the pane is initially closed and reopened
  • PowerPoint Replace Fonts tool no longer fails in Slide Master view
  • Excel Magnitude Map improvements let you apply visualizations by row or column for better insights
  • Excel Y-axis Max Format now supports secondary chart axes and Yen currency format
  • Excel Added additional chart Y-axis number formatting options
  • Excel Creating Quick Charts no longer fails when "unusual" charts (e.g., candlestick stock charts) are set as the default chart template
  • Excel Added a prompt to prevent inadvertently deleting all rows or columns on a worksheet when using Delete Row/Column tools
  • Excel Added shortcuts to toggle the Evaluate Functions & Groups and Highlight Navigated Cells options in the Pro Precedents / Dependents dialog
  • Excel Implemented workaround for an Excel 2016 bug that prevented charts from updating when charges were made to them using the Chart & Plot Size, Growth Arrow, and Move Data Labels dialogs until after those dialogs were closed
  • Excel Implemented workaround for an Excel 2013/2016 bug that caused Excel to crash upon canceling out of the Growth Arrow dialog when Windows animations are enabled
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 8.7


  • PowerPoint Introduced styles for PowerPoint, which let you apply formatting styles similar to how you use styles in Word and Excel
  • Excel Added tools to remove blank rows and columns
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug introduced in v8.7.0 that prevented slides from loading in the New Content Slide dialog when the active template is set to the Macabacus sample template
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed bug related to shared library caching settings introduced in v8.7.0


  • PowerPoint Introduced MasterShapes, which are shapes defined in your template's slide master that can be inserted from a menu in the ribbon
  • PowerPoint Integrated Copy/Apply Shape Properties buttons removed in v8.6.7 with the new Format Painter, restoring the ability to apply shape properties from the QAT
  • PowerPoint Improved behavior of shape alignment tools when a single shape is selected
  • Excel Fixed several bugs affecting systems with the Windows decimal symbol set to comma. Affects Growth Arrow, Row Height Cycle, Column Width Cycle, Font Size Cycle, and other tools
  • Excel Improved support for alternate row shading in filtered data
  • Excel Name Scrubber no longer considers native names (e.g., Print_Areas) "unused"; Name Scrubber filtering bug fixes

Version 8.6


  • PowerPoint Added new Format Painter tool that replaces the Copy / Apply Shape Properties tools
  • PowerPoint Speed improvements at start-up and when opening or creating new presentations
  • PowerPoint Minor Manage Links dialog updates
  • PowerPoint Minor Send to End updates
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Option to always used cached library content is now a shareable setting
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates


  • PowerPoint Table of contents slides are now optional for both flysheet styles Agenda and Topic
  • PowerPoint Table of contents will automatically populate with slide titles in presentations with fewer than two sections
  • PowerPoint Minor agenda bug fixes
  • PowerPoint Select Match improvements related to grouped shapes
  • Excel Added new Footnote Cycle tool to append footnotes to cell contents using number formats
  • Excel Comment Formulas now comments numeric inputs in addition to formulas, and was renamed Comment Cells


  • Excel Added new Add Scenarios tool that creates input drivers (e.g., growth rates) for multiple scenarios in your projections
  • Excel Macabacus now loads faster when starting Excel. As a consequence, Explorer, Tab Browser, and Shortcut Manager panes no longer load automatically at start-up if open when Excel was last closed (Excel 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved remote library caching performance to address potential issues with server latency in some environments
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor performance improvements, updates, and bug fixes


  • PowerPoint Fixed scaling of Proofing pane on Ultra-High Definition (UHD) and 4k displays
  • ExcelPowerPoint Fixed scaling of Explorer pane on Ultra-High Definition (UHD) and 4k displays
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug introduced in v8.6.3 that prevented publishing presentation templates to the library
  • Excel Resolved an issue where publishing certain charts could prevent content from loading in the Library pane in rare cases
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed scaling of Library pane on Ultra-High Definition (UHD) and 4k displays
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed bug that prevented content from appearing in the Library pane after publishing text on some PCs
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug introduced in v8.6.1 that prevented editing Excel links in the Edit Link dialog


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed scaling of many dialogs on Ultra-High Definition (UHD) and 4k displays
  • Word Fixed bug that preventing linking when exporting merged cells from Excel to Word as tables with the option to recolor fonts enabled


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Macabacus libraries now support text content
  • PowerPointWord Manage Links dialog now shows who last updated or modified links
  • Excel Workaround for native Excel behavior (or bug) that unhides hidden rows in tables when exporting cells as a picture
  • Excel Macabacus now warns if Excel's 255 series limit will be exceeded when creating Marimekko charts and truncates data automatically if so
  • Word Macabacus no longer shows a particular error message when starting Word


  • PowerPoint Introduced multi-state TurboShapes (PowerPoint 2013+)
  • PowerPoint Added Fix Bullets tool to conform bullet formatting to layouts and masters
  • PowerPoint Added Multiply Shape tool to replicate a shape in an arbitrary number of rows and columns
  • PowerPoint Added Align Over Table tool to align shapes over cells in a table object
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed scrolling issues in the Library pane
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates

Version 8.5


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Copying worksheets with linked ranges or charts will not interfere with link integrity as it previously did in some cases
  • Excel Sum Bar improvements
  • PowerPoint Publishing tombstones no longer fails when tombstone text contains "illegal" characters
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates


  • Excel Stacked Column Totals is now less particular about the structure of chart data and fails under fewer scenarios
  • Excel Pro Precedents / Dependents no longer leave worksheet objects hidden if the audited cell's sheet is protected, and now warn that auditing cannot be performed on protected sheets
  • Excel Pro Precedents / Dependents no longer show a "big red X" in Excel 2013 and 2016 running on Windows 7 when Windows visual styles are disabled (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Opening a workbook no longer causes an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error to appear due to an Explorer pane bug affecting some users (Excel 2013+)
  • Excel Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • PowerPoint Publishing shapes no longer fails when shape names or text contain "illegal" characters


  • Excel The formula shown in the Pro Precedents dialog now automatically scrolls to the highlighted portion of the formula as necessary
  • Excel Removed superfluous scrollbars in Pro Precedents/Dependents dialogs after expanding nodes
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved error logging when caching remote libraries


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed bug introduced in v8.5.5 preventing caching of remote company and team libraries in Windows 7 and/or Office 2010, only


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improvements to how Excel charts are linked in PowerPoint/Word; changing worksheet names no longer breaks chart links
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Remote library caching now updates only files and folders that have changed, reducing network load and improving speed


  • Excel Cosmetic Pro Precedents/Dependents improvements, particularly for Excel 2013 and 2016
  • PowerPoint Tombstones now import from the library as EMF, rather than PNG, images


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added option to always used locally cached libraries to improve performance over slow networks
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Faster local caching of remote libraries in some cases
  • Excel Fixed Marimekko chart bug that could produce an "Invalid parameter" error and prevent the chart from being created
  • Excel Fixed bug that could cause Excel to crash when Excel has no windows open initially and a new window is added/created (Excel 2013+)


  • PowerPoint New Tombstone Data dialog that lets you view and edit all tombstone data at once
  • PowerPoint Tombstone functionality improvements and bug fixes
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor improvements and bug fixes


  • PowerPoint Added support for deal tombstones in Macabacus libraries to help you create tombstone slides ("creds" pages) quickly. You can filter and sort tombstones by closing date, deal size, or any other customizable field, then insert and arrange all desired tombstones neatly in a grid on your slide
  • Excel Fixed an Explorer and Tab Browser panes bug that created duplicate panes upon clicking the "Enable Content" button in Excel's yellow message bar when working with macro-enabled workbooks. This fix also addresses a related bug that caused Excel to crash in some scenarios upon closing macro-enabled workbooks with the Explorer or Tab Browser pane visible (Excel 2013+)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor bug fixes and improvements


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Library panes received a major upgrade with improved UI/UX, better performance/responsiveness, and various bug fixes related to searching and filtering library content

Version 8.4


  • ExcelPowerPointWord The active color palette selection is no longer overridden by shared settings
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug that could prevent certain slides from appearing in the Library pane
  • PowerPoint Minor improvement to checkbox behavior in the New Content Slide dialog


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Added option to compress (zip) PDFs and Office documents sent by email
  • PowerPoint Added PDF to Folder tool to save selected slides to the presentation's folder as a PDF
  • Excel Increase/Decrease Decimals now formats blank cells, too
  • Excel Bug fixes in New/Edit Style dialog related to style previews and pasting number formats
  • ExcelPowerPoint Other minor updates


  • PowerPoint Agenda automation now supports up to 50 section/subsection numbers/letters (previously 26)
  • PowerPoint Minor agenda improvements and bug fixes
  • PowerPoint Reorganized some ribbon buttons/menus for improved functional grouping
  • Excel Stacked Column Totals tool better supports non-contiguous chart data
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor updates


  • Excel Improved support for non-English Excel and other non-English Windows settings in the Pro Precedents dialog when the Evaluate Functions & Groups option is enabled. This addresses a bug introduced in v8.2.4
  • Excel Added preview images for charts and other shapes to the Explorer Pane
  • Excel Explorer Pane no longer freezes when working with workbooks containing thousands of range names
  • ExcelPowerPoint Other minor updates


  • PowerPointWord Added new tool for redacting (i.e., blacking out) sensitive text
  • PowerPoint Added new Send to End tool for quickly moving slides to the end of a presentation
  • PowerPoint Added new Autofit Toggle tool to toggle between PowerPoint's "Do not Autofit" and "Resize shape to fit text" text box settings
  • PowerPoint Added new Split Text tool for splitting paragraphs into separate text boxes
  • PowerPoint Added new Replace Fonts tool to replace fonts throughout a presentation
  • Excel Added ability to memorize and apply plot area positions within charts and to apply memorized chart/plot size/position to multiple selected charts
  • Excel Fixed a bug that prevented multiple charts on a worksheet from appearing under that worksheet's node in Explorer Pane
  • Excel General performance improvements related to Undo/Redo
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Other minor performance improvements and ribbon updates

Version 8.3


  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor stability improvements, bug fixes, and other updates


  • PowerPointWord Streamlined linking operations (Update Link and View Source) with automatic detection of source ranges/charts in open workbooks and transparent re-linking that better support a wider range of workflows and reduce reliance on absolute file paths
  • PowerPointWord Added ability to update all links in a presentation or document directly from the ribbon
  • PowerPoint Fixed a bug that closed the Manage Links dialog after updating links to shapes and slides in other presentations
  • Excel Pro Dependents now navigates to chart sheets whose chart data is sourced from the audited cell
  • Excel Fixed a publishing bug that could cause the Library pane to show the wrong preview image for charts in some cases
  • Excel Fixed a problem with importing default colors from shared settings published with an older version of Macabacus that did not include a default fill color used by the Alternate Row/Column Shading tool
  • Excel Addressed a Pro Precedents/Dependents conflict with the Workshare add-in's use of keyboard hooking
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Version 8.2


  • Excel Improved support for non-English languages and regional system settings, affecting multiple tools
  • Excel Added new tool for alternately shading odd/even rows/columns
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Improved content loading speed in Library panes in some cases
  • ExcelPowerPointWord General performance improvements and minor bug fixes


  • PowerPoint Added new Insert Text Box, Merge Text, and Ungroup Table tools
  • Excel Added ability to right-align cell content and italicize percentages when applying number format cycles
  • Excel Summary Statistics settings can be customized via a new dialog each time you use the tool
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug that inserted the same slide multiple times when inserting multiple slides from the Library pane at once
  • PowerPoint Inserting symbols into table cells is now possible
  • ExcelPowerPoint Minor updates and bug fixes


  • Excel Improved support for large Windows system font sizes (>100%, > 96 dpi)
  • Excel Fixed Quick Chart errors regarding conversion from string to type 'Double'
  • PowerPoint Slide Numbers dialog improvements; toggling slide number visibility no longer prevents slide numbers from updating automatically
  • PowerPointWord Fixed error when checking integrity of chart links with the Verify Link button in the Manage Links dialog
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates


  • Excel Improved Pro Precedents/Dependents dialog placement in multi-screen environments
  • Excel Paste Duplicate no longer pastes into charts when this operation is performed on worksheets containing charts
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates and bug fixes


  • Excel Performance and stability improvements for Tab Browser and Explorer panes, including faster loading (Excel 2013 and 2016, only)
  • ExcelPowerPoint Explorer pane interface improvements (Office 2013 and 2016, mostly)
  • Excel Pro Precedents/Dependents now leaves the previously hidden active sheet open as expected when closing the dialog, rather than always hiding it
  • Excel Case Cycle behaves more intuitively and no longer replaces formulas with text and preserves existing number formats
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed Cache Now button disabled in Library Manager when unmapped UNC path is specified for shared library folders
  • Excel Removed temporary workaround for Excel 2016 bug that Microsoft recently fixed, restoring AutoColor on Entry for Excel 2016 users

Version 8.1


  • Excel Fixed bug that might cause error messages when showing custom styles as image galleries for some users


  • Excel Fixed bug affecting fill colors in custom styles on systems using commas as decimal separators


  • Excel Fixed bug that could prevent custom styles from appearing under the Format menu (Excel 2010, 2007)


  • Excel Fixed bug that converted certain characters to "???" in number formats when settings were imported from the cloud
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates


  • PowerPointWord Now you can perform find/replace operations on source file paths for all links in a presentations/documents, or all presentations/documents in a folder (useful when you have renamed or moved a folder)
  • PowerPoint Emailing selected slides is now faster, particularly when the original presentation's file size is very large
  • PowerPoint Publishing slides to a library is now faster, particularly when the file size of the presentation being published is very large


  • Excel Added new Stack Charts and Save Chart as Picture tools
  • Excel Deconflicted default Apply Paintbrush shortcut with native Paste Special shortcut
  • Excel Removed keyboard shortcut to toggle visibility of the Explorer pane
  • PowerPoint Fixed bug that left the Proof menu disabled after closing all presentations and opening a new one
  • ExcelPowerPoint Minor ribbon updates


  • Excel Fixed bugs related to scrolling to charts and shapes in Explorer pane
  • Excel Fixed bug related to scrolling to search results in Super Find pane
  • Excel Pro Dependents now shows range names referencing the audited cell
  • Excel Replaced native Unhide dialog for unhiding sheets with an improved version that lets you unhide multiple sheets at once, including "buried" sheets
  • Excel Implemented temporary workaround for Excel 2016 bug that undoes the last change when saving and Macabacus Undo is enabled

Version 8.0


  • Excel Fixed bug introduced in v8.0.4 that prevented scrolling when navigating precedents/dependents
  • Excel Pro Dependents now shows charts whose series reference the audited cell
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Fixed bug preventing View Source from scrolling to a linked chart properly
  • Excel Removed error messages shown when creating new custom styles that have borders
  • Excel Minor Application Settings dialog interface improvements


  • Excel Fixed Quick Charts bug preventing users using a comma as the system decimal separator from creating charts
  • Excel Quick Charts now automatically detects system measurement units
  • Excel Quick Charts now prompts to unshare shared workbooks, rather than failing with an error
  • Excel Pro Precedents now finds precedents on hidden worksheets
  • Excel Pro Precedents no longer highlights navigated ranges (if enabled) that contain multiple fill colors, since Macabacus cannot reliably return such ranges to their original fill colors after navigation
  • Excel Center Cycle and Horizontal Cycle now prompt to unshare shared workbooks before unmerging cells, if desired, rather than failing with an error
  • PowerPointWord Fixed bug that cleared the list of linked shapes in Link Wizard after canceling an edit links operation
  • PowerPointWord Renamed the Link Wizard dialog to Manage Links (since it is not really a wizard)
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor updates


  • Excel Fixed errors when creating Quick Charts and the default custom chart template, if specified, is missing required chart elements


  • Excel You can now edit formulas "live" in the Pro Dependents dialog
  • Excel Pro Precedents/Dedpendents dialogs no longer navigate to the first precedent/dependent automatically upon opening
  • Excel Fixed bug preventing users who upgraded from specific versions of Macabacus from accessing new charting tools


  • Excel Pro Precedents can now handle fully qualified table references within the same workbook
  • Excel Now insert charts from the library using either source or destination formatting
  • Excel Publishing of charts to the library is easier, with fewer restrictions on what can be published
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Column sorting arrows are now hidden in structured Excel tables exported to PowerPoint and Word as pictures
  • PowerPoint Fixed height of Tab Browser tabs in Office 2016


  • Excel Major overhaul of charting tools that adds new tools for creating waterfall, football field, butterfly, Marimekko, and other charts
  • Excel New Growth Arrow tool to add CAGR and other growth rate arrows to column charts that update when chart data changes
  • Excel Move chart data labels precisely and easily with the new Move Data Labels tool
  • Excel Label Last Point improvements, including the ability to set label text to the data point value or its series name
  • PowerPoint Added ability to insert slides using destination formatting, which can avoid extraneous slide masters
  • Excel Fixed height of Tab Browser tabs in Office 2016
  • ExcelPowerPointWord Minor bug fixes and other updates