Macabacus and Microsoft (for the most part) no longer support Internet Explorer 10 and prior versions. Please consider upgrading your browser.

Key Features


Over 100 Excel shortcuts to support power users who favor the keyboard over the mouse

  • Convenient keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform routine formatting, auditing, and other operations
  • Many shortcuts are configured as cycles and toggles that dramatically reduce the time required to perform certain operations. For example, keying the Fill Color Cycle shortcut three times applies a different fill color to selected cells with each keystroke
  • Each shortcut keystroke can be customized or turned off entirely, if desired, to deconflict with another add-in, for example
  • Shortcut Manager pane appears at the edge of the Excel window to help you learn shortcuts as you work
  • Most Macabacus tools for Excel have an associated keyboard shortcut
  • Print a sortable list of shortcuts for easy reference
  • Disable "nuisance" keys like F1 without physically removing them from your keyboard (as power users often do)


Build models much more quickly with dozens of intuitive and customizable formatting tools

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to change formatting properties quickly, including font, fill, border, and chart colors; number formats; horizontal and vertical alignment; and much more
  • Create custom styles that modify multiple cell formatting properties and apply them using keyboard shortcuts
  • Macabacus' custom styles are workbook-independent, so they are available for use in any workbook, unlike Excel's native styles. You can also do things with Macabacus styles that you cannot with native Excel styles, such as set default values, specify cell dimensions, and more
  • Create a fixed palette with up to 56 colors for greater control over the formatting of your spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. In contrast, Office "themes" let you specify only a handful of colors, and Microsoft picks the rest. And, unlike themes, Macabacus' fixed palette is always available, regardless of the Office document you are working with
  • Macabacus installs with dozens of default number formats and colors commonly used in financial modeling
  • Share Macabacus settings among users in your organization to achieve greater consistency in workbook, presentation, and document formatting


Reduce mistakes with our powerful, best-in-class auditing tools—absolutely essential for power users

  • Effortlessly navigate a formula's inputs across worksheets and workbooks with Pro Precedents, using only the keyboard
  • Drill down on precedents using convenient, tree-based navigation to help you understand everything that is driving your formulas
  • Pro Precedents can even evaluate Excel functions and expressions grouped by parentheses within formulas, letting you analyze complex formulas piece-by-piece and see what a portion of the formula contributes to the overall result
  • NEWPro Precedents even handles structured table references within your formulas
  • Pro Dependents works like Pro Precedents, but in reverse, helping you understand what formulas the audited cell is driving
  • NEWPro Dependents even traces dependent charts and range names
  • View precedents/dependents trace arrows for multiple cells at once. Excel can only show trace arrows for one cell at a time
  • View precedents/dependents trace arrows as you navigate cells, without interrupting your workflow
  • Revolutionary visualization tools use patterns, shading, and colors to visually highlight formula errors, outliers, and other inconsistencies that might otherwise go unnoticed


Our modeling tools specifically designed for financial modelers address common pain points

  • Intelligently populate formulas based on formulas in adjacent cells—a smarter, faster version of Fill Right/Down
  • Wrap formulas in IFERROR functions using customizable error condition values/strings with a single shortcut keystroke
  • Reduce Excel functions like INDEX(MATCH) and VLOOKUP to single cell references or values to simplify complex formulas and make them more readable
  • Insert summary statistics (e.g., minimum, median) below comparable companies/acquisitions analyses with the click of a button. Customize which statistics to show and in what order
  • Insert annual, quarterly, and monthly CAGRs quickly—Macabacus counts columns and enters the formula for you
  • Quickly replicate an income statement (or other table) for multiple business segments and optionally sum them together
  • Reverse the order of columns in financial statements (like those downloaded from the Internet) to place oldest periods on the left and support building projections to the right
  • Paste like you wish you could in Excel, including pasting original formulas, pasting number formats, and more


Macabacus makes working with charts easier than ever

  • NEWEasily create complex charts used by finance professionals and consultants, including waterfall, football field, butterfly, and Marimekko charts. These charts are 100% native—you do not need Macabacus to work with them
  • Quickly conform the size and position of chart and plot areas for multiple charts—an otherwise tedious, manual exercise
  • Precisely reposition and resize a plot area within a chart—something not possible in Excel, natively
  • NEWAdd CAGR or other growth rate arrows to your column charts that update as chart data changes. Extensive formatting options give you the exact look you want
  • Add totals figures above columns in a stacked column chart with the click of a button. Macabacus will compute totals for you if not already present within your chart data
  • Recolor all data series in any chart to your preferred colors with the click of a button
  • NEWMove multiple data labels at once with precision
  • Apply the correct labels to an X-Y scatter plot—something Excel simply won't do on its own
  • IMPROVEDLabel only the last point in a line graph, and optionally match the font color to the series color, among other options
  • Insert pre-structured, pre-formatted charts from your Macabacus library and simply replace the dummy data with your own. In contrast, creating charts natively in Excel often requires (a) advanced charting skills to understand how to structure chart data, and (b) a considerable amount of time to build that structure manually
  • Considerably reduce the time spent by your presentation/graphics professionals on creating/modifying charts for internal clients

Super Find

Find what you are looking for in your workbooks more easily

  • Use Super Find to find more stuff in your workbooks than you can using Excel's Find dialog
  • Super Find searches for values within or outside of specified ranges, duplicate or unique values, dates within or outside of specified ranges, cells with specified formatting, merged cells, formulas referencing blank cells, and much more
  • Super Find can search within selected cells, selected worksheets, a single workbook, or all open workbooks, and searches cell values, formulas, comments, and hyperlinks simultaneously
  • Search results are displayed in a non-intrusive pane at the edge of your Excel window that is not disruptive to your workflow, allowing you to easily navigate search results
  • You can select all cells in the search results—or their entire rows/columns—to facilitate follow-on actions like formatting

Workbook Optimization

Improve performance and reduce the file size of your spreadsheets

  • Workbooks can accumulate thousands of unused range names, increasing their file size and making them unstable. Many such names are hidden—placed there by add-ins like FactSet and CapIQ—and not visible in Excel's native Name Manager. Macabacus' Name Scrubber shows hidden names and helps you remove unwanted names from your workbooks safely, avoiding #REF! errors
  • Name Scrubber also lets you view dependencies for names, apply them to formulas referencing the cells they reference, and replace names in formulas with cell references, among other things
  • Similarly, workbooks can accumulate tens of thousands of unused Excel styles over time, usually a result or recycling workbooks and copy/paste operations. Nearly all such styles are unused, and they serve only to increase file size and complicate formatting once the 65,000+ styles limit is reached (which is not unusual). Worse, you can only delete custom styles one at a time using native Excel functionality. Macabacus' Style Scrubber can remove all [unused] custom styles at once, saving you hours (or even months). Macabacus can also remove corrupt styles that Excel cannot delete
  • Use Macabacus to force Excel to recalculate "used ranges" in your spreadsheets, which can reduce file size considerably and make certain operations faster

Export from Excel

Export cells and charts from Excel to PowerPoint and Word more easily and professionally

  • Export cells and charts to PowerPoint and Word as pictures, embedded workbooks, tables, charts, and more
  • Macabacus can hide certain Excel interface elements—such as blue print preview borders, red cell comment indicators, gridlines, and more—and recolor specified fonts black (or your preferred color) automatically, for a more professional look
  • Macabacus automatically checks for formula errors in the data you export, helping avoid embarrassing mistakes in your presentations and documents
  • Exported shapes (e.g., pictures, tables) assume the position and width or height of any pre-selected shape in PowerPoint/Word, minimizing or eliminating tedious resizing and repositioning of pasted shapes otherwise required

Link to Excel

Link PowerPoint and Word to cells/charts in Excel with reliable links that survive workbook changes

  • When you export cells or a chart from Excel to PowerPoint/Word, Macabacus links the pasted shape—a picture, table, chart, etc.—to the source. If you later modify the underlying Excel data, you can update the linked shape with the click of a button
  • Unlike native Office links, Macabacus links are reliable and won't break when the structure of your source spreadsheet changes. Macabacus employs the same robust linking technology employed by FactSet (DealMaven) and others
  • Unlike native Office links, which use embedded workbooks that can increase file size considerably, Macabacus lets you link to the source workbook using pictures, tables, charts, etc. that minimize contribution to file size
  • Link inline text in Word to the value of a single cell when writing memos and other documents, and update entire paragraphs or documents with the click of a button
  • Version control helps identify more recent versions of source files when updating links, and recommends relinking options
  • Work with multiple links in a presentation/document at once, such as updating links, changing source workbooks, etc.


Create a repository for frequently used creative assets and templates

  • Publish content and templates intended for repeated use to a Macabacus library accessible by multiple users in your organization
  • Libraries expedite the preparation and facilitate the standardization of presentations, spreadsheets, and documents
  • Publish slides like team pages or "creds" (i.e., tombstone) pages to the library. If a slide changes in the library, you can update the outdated version into your presentation with the click of a button
  • Publish shapes like Harvey Balls or other customized graphics to the library. If a shape changes in the library, you can update the outdated version into your presentation with the click of a button
  • Publish images like head shots for use on team pages or company logos to the library
  • Publish pre-structured, pre-formatted charts that help users create charts more efficiently. Macabacus installs with some charts commonly used in the financial community
  • Publish financial model templates to be used as starting points for building new spreadsheets. Macabacus installs with our most popular model templates that have been downloaded tens of thousands of times
  • Publish Word document templates such as fax cover pages to the library
  • Macabacus lets you create "document groups" to categorize published templates by business unit or any other category
  • Macabacus supports a personal library for individual use, and team and company libraries that can be shared
  • Shared libraries can be cached locally for availability offline
  • Users require administrative privileges to modify the company library, preventing unauthorized changes

Presentation Automation

Automate the process of creating professional, standardized pitch books and other presentations

  • Macabacus includes several powerful tools that automate and expedite the creation of professional, high-quality presentations, while standardizing the appearance of presentations throughout your organization
  • Create new presentations pre-populated with "special" slides (e.g., title page, legal notices) and flysheets (i.e., divider slides) based on default sections you can customize
  • Keep agendas (e.g., tables of contents) updated through synchronization with native PowerPoint sections (more detail below)
  • Display section/subsection titles on content slides that are synchronized with native PowerPoint sections
  • Exercise greater control over slide numbering in your presentations by toggling the visibility of numbers on individual slides, forcing sequential numbering, and more
  • Mark all slides in a presentation at once with customizable stamps like "CONFIDENTIAL" and "For Internal Use Only"
  • Insert "intentionally blank" slides as needed to ensure that flysheets appear on the front side of duplex-printed pages
  • Macabacus leverages your existing presentation template (a .potx file) to implement presentation automation functionality, and can accommodate multiple templates (for different business units, print vs. slide shows, etc.)
  • Create a collection of "Standard Sizes"—rectangular dimensions set to the sizes of content placeholders in your presentation template. You can quickly resize cells, charts, and other shapes to a Standard Size, avoiding tedious manual adjustment


Macabacus keeps your presentation agendas updated so that you can focus on content

  • Synchronize an agenda on a table of contents slide or flysheet (i.e., divider slide) with native PowerPoint "sections" automatically
  • Deep integration with PowerPoint sections keeps your agendas up-to-date as sections are added, removed, moved, or renamed
  • Macabacus supports two popular agenda implementations: (a) a single table of contents slide showing the agenda with flysheets at the start of each section showing only section/subsection titles (more common in the U.S.), or (b) flysheets at the start of each section showing the entire agenda, with no separate table of contents slide (more common in Europe)
  • Display section/subsection titles on content slides that update automatically when the agenda changes
  • Optionally hide subsection topics on flysheets if the subsection is not within the current section to fit more agenda items onto a single slide and improve readability
  • Optionally omit section flysheets when the next slide is a subsection flysheet to minimize presentation length and printing costs
  • Optionally skip section flysheets during slide shows when the next slide is a subsection flysheet to avoid showing back-to-back flysheets during slide shows
  • Optionally include slide titles or other text in your table of contents
  • Customize agenda and flysheet appearance with your Macabacus-enabled presentation template and other settings


Improve presentation quality and avoid embarrassing mistakes

  • Eliminate mistakes by checking slides for formatting, layout, and content issues before sending a presentation to a client or to print
  • Perform over 100 checks on text boxes, charts, tables, and Smart Art to identify errors and inconsistencies
  • Macabacus checks for things like inconsistently hyphenated words, missing opening/closing parentheses, deviation from the color palette, incorrect grammar, duplicated words, inconsistent bullet formatting, inconsistent abbreviations, missing chart data labels, deviation from layout formatting, wrong proofing language, and much more
  • Macabacus shows you exactly where the issues are, proposes fixes in most cases, and displays frequencies of occurrence, where applicable, to highlight dominant conventions and help you choose a fix
  • Set the proofing language for an entire presentation at once to fix words flagged as mispelled which are clearly not. In contrast, PowerPoint requires you to set the proofing language for each shape/item individually, which can be extremely tedious

Airplane Mode

Shield your work from prying eyes to preserve confidentiality and avoid unwanted conversations

  • Redact—or "black out"—logos in a presentation to prevent others in close proximity from seeing what you are working on
  • Helps conceal the identity of your company, potential acquisition targets, potential acquirers, and other confidential information
  • Macabacus algorithmically determines what images to redact, but you can also redact/reveal individual images manually
  • "Peek" a redacted image to reveal it briefly (<1 sec) when you need to see what was redacted
  • Macabacus redacts images on slides and on slide masters and layouts


Generate PDFs more quickly and intelligently, and prepare workbooks for sharing with others

  • Generate PDFs of print areas on selected worksheets. This differs from native Excel PDF functionality in that Macabacus PDFs print areas, only, which are presumably what you intend to publish
  • When generating PDFs in Excel, Macabacus can optionally check print areas for formula errors to avoid embarrassing mistakes, and recolor specified fonts to your default font color (typically black) for a professional look
  • Prepare workbooks for sharing with others by placing the cursor in cell A1 in all worksheets, zooming all worksheets to 100%, hiding all gridlines in the workbook, collapsing grouped rows/columns, checking for formula errors, and much more. Apply these changes to the original workbook or a copy of it, and optionally attach the workbook to a new Outlook email
  • Generate a PDF of an entire PowerPoint presentation or just selected slides, and attach the PDF to a new Outlook email. When creating PDFs of entire presentations, Macabacus can optionally insert "intentionally blank" pages from your Macabacus-enabled template as needed so that flysheets appear on the front side of duplex-printed pages, without affecting your presentation
  • Generate a PDF of an entire Word document or just selected pages


User interface enhancements make navigating spreadsheets and presentations easier

  • In Excel, use Explorer Pane to see all your open workbooks and their worksheets in a tree view. Explorer Pane shows you charts, range names, data tables, pivot tables, cell comments, and more as sub-nodes of their parent worksheets. Click on a tree node to navigate to the corresponding sheet, chart, etc.—a much easier way to navigate large spreadsheets and find stuff within them!
  • In PowerPoint, use Explorer Pane to see all your open presentations and their slides in a tree view. Explorer Pane shows you linked shapes, embedded objects, pictures, charts, and more as sub-nodes of their parent slides. Click on a tree node to navigate to the corresponding slide or shape—a much easier way to navigate large presentations and find stuff within them!
  • Navigate your open workbooks and presentations just like you navigate web pages in your browser—using tabs. Each workbook and presentation, has its own tab just below the ribbon. Left click on a tab to activate its associated file. Right click on a tab to select from several Macabacus file operations such as saving up as a new version, reopening the file, duplicating the file, and more
  • Toggle the visibility of various Excel interface elements—Formula Bar, Status Bar, ribbon, row/column headers, task panes, etc.—to maximize the spreadsheet viewing area. This is especially useful when screen real estate is limited (e.g., laptops). You can customize which elements Macabacus hides, and conveniently toggle the visibility of these elements with a keyboard shortcut
  • Work with print areas in Excel more efficiently by setting or adding to print areas with a keyboard shortcut, setting print areas for multiple worksheets at once, and more


Nearly unlimited customization possibilities meet the needs of even the largest institutions

  • Configure your Macabacus-enabled templates, color palettes, formatting cycles, and much more to your personal preferences, or to your company's branding and design standard
  • In addition to extensive formatting-related customization, dozens of other options let you customize the behavior of many modeling, auditing, export, agenda, and other tools
  • Share Macabacus customizations among users in your organization to facilitate consistency in the appearance of Office documents they produce and standardize the Macabacus experience for all users
  • Enterprise deployment tools allow administrators to manage and publish shared settings to the cloud or a shared network location
  • Shared settings override local Macabacus settings on end users' computers, ensuring adherence to your organization's preferences
  • Our customization services (available at additional cost) translate your design standard and other inputs into Macabacus settings to help you deploy Macabacus quickly

Undo / Redo

Wait...what? How is this a feature?

  • One major limitation of Excel is that the execution of any code that modifies the spreadsheet destroys Excel's undo/redo stacks, preventing you from undoing and redoing prior changes. Users must weigh this against the benefits that Excel add-ins can deliver
  • Macabacus is one of just three known add-ins to preserve undo/redo capability in any meaningful way. Macabacus cannot undo everything—no add-in can given the constraints of the Excel environment—but you will find the ability to undo many changes made by Macabacus useful
  • Why don't more Excel add-ins do this? Because building custom undo/redo functionality from scratch is very complex and the ROI is too low for most Excel add-in publishers

Financial Data

Import financial data directly into your spreadsheets

  • Import high-quality public company market data, reported financial data, and analyst estimates directly into your spreadsheets using formulas. This is much faster than looking up the desired figures in filings, etc. and entering them manually
  • This feature will be available at an additional cost to the Macabacus Pro/Suite license. But while FactSet, Capital IQ, Bloomberg, and others charge tens of thousands of dollars for this capability, we will deliver it at a much more accessible price point
  • COMING IN 2017