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“Still loving the product so far and have been using it a lot.”
Dennis D.
“Many thanks for providing us with this excellent tool!”
Florian N.
“You clearly have the best product in the market”
Mike R.
“The macro is a life saver.”
Eric K.
“Love the product, wouldn't be able to live without it in my post-banking career.”
Ed T.
“This plugin plays its part in making sure I sleep at night, despite working in M&A.”
Anand B.
“I am a big fan of your Excel macros and it has already saved me countless hours.”
Anup M.
“Customer service at its finest. Loved Macabacus ever since my first job back in 2013.”
David S.


Do you build customized solutions?

No, we do not offer customized solutions. Yes, we do offer customization services. Macabacus can be customized to align with your firm’s design standard; including colors, number formats, and presentation templates.

Will Macabacus conflict with other add-ins I have installed?

Some Excel add-ins, such as Capital IQ, FactSet, and Bloomberg have shortcut keystrokes that may conflict with Macabacus shortcut keystrokes. However, you can easily deconflict shortcut keystrokes within Macabacus or the other add-in. There are no other known conflicts. In fact, most of our customers use Macabacus alongside Capital IQ, FactSet, and/or Bloomberg.

How do I begin a Macabacus trial?

Download the full version of Macabacus and install it. Enter your email address when prompted to initiate your trial. No credit card is required.

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Try Macabacus free for 30 days—no credit card required. Your trial gives you full access to all Macabacus tools.

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Need Excel linking? Agenda automation? Determine which Macabacus subscription best meets your needs.


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