Recalc Academy Recommends Macabacus for Enhanced Excel Productivity

Learn how Recalc participants used Macabacus to cut Excel model formatting time by 50%, with fewer errors.

“Our goal is for our customers to excel in their jobs. Many require strong spreadsheet and analytical skills. Macabacus enhances their efficiency and quality of work.” – Katie Fifer, Founder & Lead Instructor

About Recalc Academy

Recalc Academy teaches professionals the high-impact technical skills they need to succeed in their banking, investing, and other analytical careers. Recalc’s investing training focuses on spreadsheet efficiency and financial modeling, and participants leave training capable of quickly building accurate analyses and models.

The Macabacus Advantage

The Recalc team teaches participants to use Macabacus to quickly format their spreadsheets, audit formulas, and export to PowerPoint in a way that’s easy to refresh. According to Katie Fifer, Founder and Lead Instructor at Recalc, Macabacus is an invaluable tool for anyone working extensively in Excel. “We want our students to have access to the best Excel productivity tools available,” Fifer states. “Macabacus allows them to focus more on analysis rather than time-consuming spreadsheet formatting.”

Recalc determined that Macabacus is a user-friendly, easy-to-install, and cost-effective choice for users. Macabacus offers a wide range of features, including convenient shortcut cycles, powerful auditing capabilities, and seamless integration between Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Why Macabacus is a go-to tool for financial and investment analysts

1. Configurability
Macabacus offers highly configurable shortcuts and formatting options, allowing users to customize the tool to suit their specific needs and preferences. Using Macabacus helps Recalc participants reduce the time spent on formatting by 50%, driving more efficiency and productivity.

“I love the product. And it’s very easy to configure and use. It’s great that I can export my settings and give them to our students. They import them and then we’re on the same page,” says Fifer.

2. Auditing and Tracing Precedents
Precision and accuracy are key to finance and investing roles. Macabacus’ ability to streamline the process of auditing cells and tracing precedents is key for identifying errors and dependencies in complex financial models. Analysts can step through each formula including stepping across tabs with a simple shortcut.

“These functions help analysts work more efficiently and with greater accuracy,” says Fifer.

3. Linking to PowerPoint and Word
Macabacus allows users to export Excel analysis to PowerPoint or Word in a way that is linked and easy to update. When an analyst makes a change to an Excel model, they can refresh their PowerPoint or Word presentation in a single click versus having to repaste countless pages. This translates to significant time savings and fewer mistakes for analysts.

An Essential Curriculum Component

The skills that Recalc participants learn using Macabacus are directly transferable and immediately applicable to their day-to-day work. Given the immense value Macabacus provides, Recalc Academy formally includes training on the tool in its Private Equity and finance training programs and recommends the tool to all Excel power users.

“Our goal is for participants to excel in their jobs. Many require strong spreadsheet and analytical skills. Macabacus enhances their efficiency and quality of work and we’re thrilled to recommend it as part of our curriculum,” concludes Fifer.

About Macabacus

Macabacus by CFI is the industry-leading add-in for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word that elevates analysis accuracy, brand compliance, and efficiency. Macabacus is equipped with innovative and forward-thinking tools to help teams perform faster, with fewer errors.