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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Macabacus subscription plans?

A Macabacus Suite subscription provides access our Excel, PowerPoint, and Word tools. A Macabacus Modeler subscription provides access to our Excel tools, only, while a Macabacus Presenter subscription provides access to our PowerPoint tools, only.

What is the difference between Macabacus and Macabacus Lite?

Macabacus Lite is a VBA add-in for Excel that contains a small subset of the Excel tools offered by Macabacus, a COM add-in for Office. See our Macabacus Lite FAQ for more information.

Do you build customized solutions?

No. We build customizable solutions designed to meet the needs of all finance professionals. However, if you have a suggestion for a new feature or how to improve an existing one, please let us know. If your suggestion makes sense for our entire user base, we will build it into the product. This way, you can reap the benefits of a customized solution without paying a premium for it.

Will Macabacus conflict with other add-ins I have installed?

Some Excel add-ins, such as Capital IQ, FactSet, and Bloomberg have shortcut keystrokes that may conflict with Macabacus shortcut keystrokes. However, you can easily deconflict shortcut keystrokes within Macabacus or the other add-in. There are no other known conflicts. In fact, Macabacus is often used alongside Capital IQ, FactSet, and Bloomberg.


How do I begin a Macabacus trial?

Download the full version of Macabacus (not Macabacus Lite) and install it. Enter your email address when prompted to initiate your trial. No credit card is required.

How long is the Macabacus trial period? Can I extend my trial?

Macabacus may be evaluated free of charge for 30 days. Trials may be extended for potential enterprise customers at Macabacus' discretion. Email us to request an extension.

How does the Macabacus trial version differ from the regular, licensed version?

There is no difference. The trial version is fully functional and offers all tools and features found in the licensed version.

Am I eligible for a trial?

The spirit and intent of the free trial, as with any software trial, is to provide prospective customers an opportunity to evaluate Macabacus prior to making a purchase. Once your organization purchases Macabacus, no further evaluation is required, and your organization's current, future, and temporary employees are no longer eligible for the free trial. Accordingly, employees whose employers already have a Macabacus account may be unable to initiate trials, and the software will require activation prior to use.

Also, previously licensed Macabacus users not are eligible for trials.


What does Macabacus cost?

Please see our pricing page.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Macabacus is already heavily discounted relative to alternative solutions, so we only offer discounts above 50 licenses. Contact for volume discount pricing.

Do you offer student discounts?

Macabacus is accessibly priced for retail customers like students, and already discounted heavily relative to alternative solutions, so we do not offer student/education discounts. If you are constrained by budget, see if Macabacus Lite meets your needs.

Can I get a quote?

Please see our pricing page for 50 or fewer licenses. If you plan to purchase more than 50 licenses, contact for a quote that reflects volume discount pricing.

Can I get a coupon code?

Sorry, coupon codes are not issued by request. Unless you received a coupon code directly from Macabacus, it is fake.

Why do I have to pay extra for peripheral services like training?

Macabacus' customers include both large enterprises and individual retail customers. Enterprise customers often require peripheral services that retail customers do not. To keep Macabacus affordable for our retail customers, we offer these peripheral services to enterprise customers at additional charge, a la carte, rather than include them in the cost of Macabacus licenses.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover at our online checkout, which is the easiest and preferred way to purchase Macabacus licenses. If you are unable to use a credit/debit card for payment, you can alternatively submit a purchase order for qualifying purchases (see below for more information).

How do I submit a purchase order?

Submit purchase orders ("POs") to You can submit a formal PO as a PDF, but an email exchange will suffice. Contact us to confirm pricing and additional fees prior to submitting a PO. The following applies to purchase orders for direct sales, only, and not reseller purchases:

  • Purchase orders must total $500 or more.
  • Monthly plans cannot be purchased via PO.
  • Orders placed via PO are subject to an additional processing fee, which should be reflected in the PO.
  • Payment must be made by ACH credit and wire transfer; we do not accept physical checks.
  • Payment terms are net 30.
  • You must email us a remittance notice upon payment so that we can mark your invoice as paid. Otherwise, your subscription may expire unexpectedly, resulting in a loss of access to Macabacus software. Ensure your notice includes your account code or invoice number.
  • Macabacus is a subscription that renews automatically until canceled. As such, you will receive an automatically generated invoice at renewal, whether or not we have received a renewal PO from you. If your last submitted PO contained a PO number, that PO number will appear on subsequent invoices unless you submit a renewal PO with a different number 48 hrs before the renewal invoice is sent.
  • Upcoming renewal notifications are emailed 7 days prior to renewal. If this allows you insufficient time to prepare a renewal PO, be sure to track your Macabacus renewal internally rather than rely on our email notification.
  • Although not required, your PO should include a group email address to which billing notifications will be sent (e.g.,, rather than the email address of a specific individual.

Any payment we receive must match the invoiced amount. Some banks (particularly in Europe) oddly deduct their wire transfer fee before sending payment to Macabacus, resulting in underpayment of the invoiced amount. If this happens, your account will be marked unpaid and you may experience an interruption in service. We will require you to make full payment, which usually means wiring the difference between the received and invoiced amounts, plus another wire transfer fee to your bank, plus our bank's incoming wire transfer fee to make us whole. In other words, this "mistake" may cost you over 3x the amount of underpayment. Be sure to check with your bank before sending payment to understand how your wire transfer fee is paid.

Why was my credit card declined?

Macabacus does not reject transactions—either your card's issuer (bank) or our payment gateway (PayPal or Stripe) does. If your card's issuer declined the transaction, you will have to contact it to learn why as we do not have that information. If our payment gateway rejected the transaction, it is often because the card has been linked to fraudulent activity. This occurs most frequently with transactions that originate in certain countries, but determining the exact reason for the decline requires additional information from our gateway, which can take several days to obtain and may ultimately be inconclusive.

So, the easiest solution is to try another credit card. If you do not have another card, we may be able to try another payment gateway to see if it allows the transaction, or request that the gateway stop blocking the card (which can take several days). If your purchase qualifies, you can alternatively pay via wire transfer.

Can I purchase Macabacus outright?

No, we only sell licenses to our software on a subscription basis. The benefits of the subscription model are lower up-front costs and perpetual access to the latest version of Macabacus for any version of Office, including new features and other improvements.

Do you offer refunds?

In general, no. You have 30 days to evaluate whether Macabacus meets your needs prior to making a purchase. However, we will provide refunds under specific circumstances. We cannot provide refunds after 30 days under any circumstance (our payment gateway's policy, not ours). Payments made by wire transfer or ACH cannot be refunded, but in cases where such transactions would otherwise qualify for a refund, a credit will be made to the account.


How does Macabacus licensing work?

See our documentation for more information.

How do I manage user access to Macabacus?

Users can be provisioned via our easy-to-use Admin Console. See our documentation for more information.

Where is your EULA?

Our EULA can be found here.


What is your customer support model?

We provide 24/7 email support, and are generally most responsive to inquiries from 09:00 to 18:00 ET, Mon–Fri. We prioritize email support inquiries based on the nature of your problem, so response times may vary with your problem's severity and the availability of a solution in our documentation, which provides immediate answers to most questions. In addition, support agents may be available to chat during the hours above. If so, a chat window will appear in the bottom right corner of our web pages.

Phone support may be offered only after efforts to resolve issues over email or chat have been exhausted. If phone support is required, be prepared to share your screen so that we can observe the problem firsthand.

Our ability to provide technical support often depends on your cooperation in providing the information we require to resolve your issue. The more information you provide, the better we can assist you.

Is there a support number I can call?

Unless your organization has specifically negotiated phone support as part of its licensing agreement with Macabacus, phone support is offered only after efforts to resolve issues over email or chat have been exhausted. Our responsive email and chat support and extensive self-service capabilities (e.g., thorough documentation and troubleshooting guides, Admin Console) help you resolve nearly any technical or account/billing issue efficiently, making phone support unnecessary in most circumstances. If we do need to troubleshoot your problem over the phone, please be prepared to share your screen so that we can provide better guidance.

We understand that you might expect to pick up the phone to get support for your enterprise product and services. You—or, more likely, your employer—are paying a high, enterprise-level premium for that convenience. Macabacus is an enterprise product sold at a much lower retail price point. Only by limiting phone support to cases when it is really necessary can we deliver Macabacus to you at a fraction of what others charge for similar solutions.

Can you call me?

Sorry, we do not operate an outbound call center.

System Requirements

Will Macabacus run on my version of Windows/Office?

Macabacus is intended for use with desktop installations of Microsoft Office 2016-2010 (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 10-7 (32-bit and 64-bit). We no longer support Office 2007, which Microsoft has officially retired.

Web-based and click-to-run versions of Office—the browser and Windows Store versions—do not support COM / VSTO add-ins, which severely restricts their utility. Therefore, professional / enterprise users should always install the desktop version of Office locally. Use the Office 2016 offline installer, if necessary, to install Office 2016 locally.

Does Macabacus work in Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription model, not the software itself. Refer to the FAQ above and see the Office 365 FAQ for more information.

When will you support web-based and click-to-run versions of Office?

While it is currently possible to develop what Microsoft confusingly refers to as "Office add-ins" for these Office versions, the development infrastructure provided by Microsoft to do this—an API—is very primitive and underdeveloped. At present, this incomplete API lacks tools that developers (e.g., Macabacus, FactSet, CapIQ, think-cell) require to create Office add-ins comparable in any way to their existing COM / VSTO add-ins. Until Microsoft focuses more effort on this API, anyone who requires the advanced Office functionality that only COM / VSTO add-ins can deliver (which includes nearly all professional / enterprise users) will need to install the desktop version of Office locally.

Does Macabacus work on a Mac?

Yes, so long as you have the desktop version of Office for Windows installed. You can create a Windows virtual machine on your Mac using VMware Fusion or Parallels. Office for Mac is not supported at this time, and we currently have no plans to support it.

Does Macabacus work with SharePoint?

Most Macabacus functionality will work in a SharePoint environment, but some will not. You should evaluate Macabacus in your SharePoint environment to ensure it meets your needs before purchasing. Periodic updates to Macabacus may improve SharePoint compatibility.

How do I download the software?

You can download Macabacus software with any modern browser. If you are unable to download the software, upgrade your browser, check your firewall settings, and/or contact your IT personnel for assistance.


Where do you store my payment information?

We do not store any payment information, such as credit card numbers. In fact, your payment details are never exposed to Macabacus' servers—they are transmitted directly to and stored by our PCI-compliant subscription management vendor, when you check out online.

Do you store passwords as human-readable "clear text"?

No, we use one of the most secure, salted encryption algorithms available to store passwords, making it unlikely that a hacker would be able to read passwords stored in our database. In recent, widely publicized data breaches, the primary concern is often that passwords were exposed because hacked companies did not securely store passwords.

What information do Macabacus add-ins collect?

Macabacus add-ins log errors and record usage statistics in the background. This data generally does not contain sensitive information, and we use it only for internal purposes such as product improvement and troubleshooting. This data is transmitted over HTTPS protocol to Macabacus' servers—or, in the case of error logs, to a third-party provider—where it is stored.

If you prefer that Macabacus not collect this data, you can opt out. However, opting out may limit some Macabacus functionality and impair our ability to provide technical support when you need it, and is not recommended.

Note that certain errors logged by Macabacus contain file or folder paths. In general, file and folder paths should contain project or code names in place of sensitive information. Although paths logged by Macabacus are not normally read by humans, please avoid sending us data that includes sensitive information like "S:\Investment Banking\Clients\AAPL\MSFT Merger".

Software Resellers

How do I purchase Macabacus for a customer?

You can purchase Macabacus using our online checkout, or by submitting a purchase order to Please note the following about each purchasing method:

Online Checkout

The Macabacus account created at checkout is in the reseller's name, not the customer's. The reseller is responsible for account management, including changes to the subscription (e.g., purchasing additional licenses); provisioning of customer administrators; and, if no customer admins are provisioned, configuring end user access to Macabacus software. All of these operations can be performed in your self-service Admin Console, to which you must sign in. Please see this page for more information about how to purchase Macabacus using the online checkout.

Purchase Orders

The Macabacus account created upon processing your purchase order is in the customer's name, not the reseller's. Account management is performed by Macabacus or your customer, as applicable, rather than the reseller.

  • Monthly plans cannot be purchased via PO.
  • All orders placed via PO are subject to an additional processing fee, which should be reflected in the PO. This fee also applies to subsequent orders placed for the same account (e.g., purchasing additional licenses for your customer).
  • Payment terms are immediate and payment is made via credit card, so POs must include all necessary credit card information.
  • Macabacus is a subscription that renews automatically until canceled. If you do not cancel the subscription prior to renewal, it will renew automatically, whether or not you submit a renewal PO. If you cancel the subscription and do not submit a renewal PO prior to expiration of the subscription, your customer will lose access to Macabacus software. Upcoming renewal notifications are emailed 7 days prior to renewal. If this allows you insufficient time to prepare a renewal PO, be sure to track your Macabacus renewal internally.

How do I request a quote?

For 50 or fewer licenses, see our pricing page. For more than 50 licenses, please contact for a quote. Note that there is a processing fee for orders placed via purchase order, as described above.

Do you offer a reseller discount?

Not at this time.

What if I do not want the subscription to renew automatically?

Macabacus subscriptions renew automatically by default. To prevent automatic renewal, cancel the subscription promptly after purchasing it. If you do cancel the subscription, then no notice of upcoming renewal will be sent to the billing contact 7 days prior to the end of the billing cycle. Therefore, be sure to track the term of the subscription internally so that your customer does not lose access to Macabacus without warning.

Macabacus Lite

What is Macabacus Lite?

Macabacus Lite is our "free tier" Excel add-in, which contains a small subset of the functionality found in the full version of Macabacus' tools for Excel. It is primarily intended for educational use and use in small organizations with budgetary constraints or whose core competency is not finance. See our pricing page to learn about key differences between Macabacus and Macabacus Lite.

Is Macabacus Lite available for commercial use?

You may generally use Macabacus Lite free of charge in businesses with:

  • no more than 5 Macabacus Lite users, and
  • 40 or fewer total employees (as computed at the parent company level).

Although we may relax these limits for some organizations, exemptions are not granted by request.

Is Macabacus Lite available for personal use?

Macabacus does not distinguish between personal and commercial use because we cannot verify self-reported user intent. Therefore, your eligibility for Macabacus Lite is based on your employer, when applicable, per the question above.

Is Macabacus Lite available for educational use?

Generally, yes, without restriction. However, interns at companies ineligible for Macabacus Lite are not eligible, either. An .edu email address does not certify you as a student, and is not required to certify you as a student.

Why can't I download Macabacus Lite?

Assuming that a technical/browser issue is not preventing download, you may be unable to download Macabacus Lite if:

  • You are ineligible for Macabacus Lite as described above, or
  • Your organization has a paid Macabacus subscription, or
  • You entered false or misleading information in the download form, such as a disposable email address.

Prior Macabacus Lite users are not necessarily entitled to re-download Macabacus Lite—eligibility requirements or your employer's satisfaction of those requirements may have changed. If your organization has purchased a Macabacus subscription, preventing your download of Macabacus Lite ensures a consistent Macabacus user experience across your organization. If you cannot download Macabacus Lite, then your use of Macabacus Lite is prohibited.

I want to try Macabacus Lite to decide whether to purchase Macabacus.

Evaluate the full version of Macabacus using the 30-day free trial instead. The Macabacus Lite experience is not at all representative of the full Macabacus experience.

Some users left my company. How can I "free up" Macabacus Lite "licenses" so others can use it?

You cannot. Macabacus Lite is a free product, so we do not manage Macabacus Lite access for individual users, and cannot accept self-reported usage for obvious reasons. Instead, we use algorithms, data, and other considerations to estimate usage to determine whether your company is above/below the five-PC limit. Accordingly, our estimates sometimes differ from actual usage (particularly in the case of turnover). If you are interested in license management capabilities, please consider our premium Macabacus products.

Can I buy Macabacus Lite?