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Macabacus Related Software
Lite Pro Suite FactSet(DealMaven) CapIQ UpSlide Boost TTS think-cell SlideProof
Annual price (USD) Free 108.00 216.00 $$$$
540.00 199.00 Free 247.50 199.00
Formatting tools    
Modeling tools      
Formula auditing tools      
Search & navigation tools          
Workbook optimization            
Charting tools        
Export Excel data to PowerPoint / Word        
Link to Excel data in PowerPoint / Word          
Link to slides / shapes in other presentations              
Agenda (table of contents) automation          
Check presentations for mistakes              
Content (e.g. slides, images) management          
Enterprise configuration and deployment        
Import market and company financial data  
Free access to Excel model templates        
Functionality legend: = Limited, = Advanced, = Best-in-class. Did we miss something? Please let us know. 1. Access requires subscription to other
enterprise services costing thousands of dollars. 2. Coming soon and available at an additional cost well below what FactSet and CapIQ charge.

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of 51 or more licenses. Requires proof of existing contract with selected vendors for a similar number of licenses for comparable software. Other restrictions apply.

How do our customers think we compare?

I started using Macabacus as an alternative to FactSet's DealMaven years ago, but now Macabacus has become far better.

Yuri K.

I love what you've done with the Suite. It's good enough now where it is better than CapIQ and I'll be using it full time for pasting links and for managing content!

George J.

I found your Excel macro absolutely brilliant and in fact better than DealMaven's version. I have got everyone I know who uses Excel to download it.

Arjun S.

You have a pretty amazing product—superior to other similar addins (like WSP Boost, etc).

Brian W.