Leading Investment Bank Chooses Macabacus to Support Global Rebrand

Macabacus was exclusively chosen to enable a major brand transition across a global investment bank and advisory firm.

The Challenge: Executing a Major Rebranding Initiative

When a leading global investment bank and financial advisory firm embarked on a major rebranding initiative, they set goals to implement brand standards flawlessly across all materials while increasing productivity. This company is known for its expertise in guiding clients through complex financial transactions and strategic decisions, so it is essential that presentations are consistent and error-free.

The Solution: An Exclusive Partnership with Macabacus

Macabacus was chosen as their exclusive Pitchbook Vendor. Macabacus partnered closely with the customer to offer comprehensive onboarding, implementation support, and training during the global rollout.

By partnering with Macabacus for a tightly integrated rollout, the bank gained:

  • Productive Financial Modeling – Macabacus helped improve productivity and precision by auditing formulas across complex models, catching errors that could undermine deals.
  • Content Connectivity – Reliable linking between Excel, PowerPoint, and Word has helped save time and reduce risk by enabling flawless data synchronization without manually updating.
  • Brand Compliance at Scale – the bank seamlessly pushed their new templates and brand standards across all client materials.
  • Discoverable Content Across Libraries – The institution employs Macabacus as its tombstone management solution, allowing deal teams to instantly access their vast library of content within PowerPoint.

The Result: An Indispensable Competitive Advantage

Macabacus has become an essential tool for every echelon within the organization, serving hundreds of analysts, associates, and managing directors to be more productive, accurate and consistent with their brand.

Macabacus: Proven with Global Financial Leaders

Macabacus is trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions to uphold brand standards. By partnering with Macabacus, global enterprises can gain productivity, mitigate risk, and scale growth through best-in-class financial modeling, content connectivity, and content management capabilities.