Macabacus: A Central Pillar in the Operations of this Global Asset Management Leader

Macabacus has long been partnered with a distinguished global investment and asset management firm, which boasts over $1 trillion in Assets Under Management.

The Challenge: Keeping Pace with Scale and Complexity

As the firm continued to grow, relying on a complex web of manual processes became increasingly inefficient. Opportunities existed to enhance consistency in financial models, ensure regulatory adherence, and foster collaboration across siloed business functions.

The Solution: An Indispensable Productivity Platform

To transform operations, the firm adopted Macabacus across all business functions. Macabacus standardizes systems to boost consistency, enforces branding/compliance, and centralizes content into a seamless productivity platform.

  • Financial Modeling and Analysis: Macabacus remains a key tool in the firm’s financial modeling and analysis. Its sophisticated formula auditing capabilities allow for the efficient tracing of workbooks and, thus, error-free financial models.
  • Consistent Branding and Compliance: An enterprise deployment of Macabacus ensures the firm’s strict adherence to branding and compliance standards. This consistency is evident in the firm’s professional communications across its global operations.
  • Effective Content Management: Managing Excel and PowerPoint templates is more efficient than ever, thanks to Macabacus. Its content management capabilities offer an organized, accessible platform to ensure standardization, enhancing the firm’s operational effectiveness.

The Results: A Partnership Focused on Continued Innovation

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The firm enjoys ongoing improvements in efficiency, with Macabacus playing a central role in streamlining key processes throughout the Office suite.
  • Cultural Integration: Macabacus is deeply integrated into the firm’s culture, reflecting its commitment to offering all employees the best tools to maintain its market-leading position globally.
  • Continued Innovation: The firm, in partnership with Macabacus, continues to explore new ways to leverage technology for even greater efficiency and effectiveness in asset management.

Macabacus: A Core Component of Global Asset Management’s Ability to Scale

As a long-standing customer, the firm exemplifies how Macabacus can be harnessed to sustain and enhance leadership in the global asset management industry. The ongoing use of Macabacus is a core component of how the firm prepares deliverables, underpinning its remarkable success and growth.