10 Reasons To Use Macabacus

You already know what Macabacus can do, but is it the right
choice for your organization? Absolutely, and here is why:


The Gold Standard

Macabacus is the "gold standard" in Office productivity. Sure, everyone claims to be the best, but only the best would encourage you to check out competing products so you can see for yourself. Learn what our customers already know.


Trusted Worldwide

Macabacus is used globally by Fortune 500 companies, bulge bracket investment banks, Big 4 accounting firms, leading consulting firms, boutique private equity shops, venture capitalists, sovereign wealth funds, corporate finance teams, and others.


One-Stop Shop

Don't cobble together a complete, end-to-end solution from multiple add-ins to meet your Office productivity needs. In most cases, Macabacus includes all the tools you need to optimize your Excel, PowerPoint, and Word workflows at a much lower cost.


Unbeatable Pricing

You won't pay more for the gold standard in Office productivity. Macabacus is accessibly priced well below the cost of comparable solutions. And, we'll beat any quoted price for comparable software by 50% or more (seriously).


Continuous Improvement

We are fanatically responsive to customer feedback, and routinely implement suggestions for improvement—sometimes within just a few days! Accordingly, we release updates regularly, not every few months or years like others.


Impassioned Support

Enjoy responsive, 24/7 email/chat support at no additional charge. Most support inquiries are resolved in under 30 min. Phone support is also available when required. We monitor errors and proactively reach out if we see you are having a problem.


Transferable Skills

Macabacus proficiency is a transferable skill, unlike proficiency with proprietary solutions. Not surprisingly, Macabacus cultivates user engagement better than proprietary solutions, improving workforce productivity. And, new hires already familiar with Macabacus—a growing population—join ready to contribute.


Build vs. Buy

Macabacus is an ideal replacement for and alternative to clunky proprietary solutions. Outsource your Microsoft Office productivity to Macabacus for less than the cost of developing and/or maintaining your own solution, while your organization focuses on its core competencies.


Easy Administration

The Admin Console is an intuitive web app with a modern interface that gives you complete control over your account. Easily add and remove users, purchase additional licenses, configure administrative access, manage billing information, and more.


Be a Hero

Become an office hero by procuring Macabacus for your team. Pad your resume with bullets like "Standardized workflow processes across multiple functional groups." Okay, resume bullets are a bit much, but you get the idea—your users will love you.