Shortcut to Hide All Gridlines

In the fast-paced world of finance, time is money. Being able to effectively organize and process data using Microsoft Excel can give financial analysts and investment bankers a significant edge. One area where speed and precision are paramount is in the presentation of financial models.

The visual impact of a well-crafted model can make or break a pitch to potential investors or clients. This is where the seemingly minor feature of gridlines comes into play.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the importance of gridlines in Excel, how to quickly hide them using shortcuts, and explore other essential Excel features and shortcuts that can help finance professionals streamline their workflow and deliver impactful results.


The Role of Gridlines in Financial Modeling

Gridlines in Excel serve as a visual aid, helping users align data and navigate complex spreadsheets. They are the faint lines that separate cells, providing structure to the worksheet. While gridlines are useful during the creation and editing of financial models, they can be distracting when presenting the final product.

In finance, presentations and reports often require a clean, professional look. Hiding gridlines can enhance the readability of data, allowing key insights to stand out. It’s a small change that can significantly impact how stakeholders perceive the information, whether they are clients, investors, or internal decision-makers.

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How to Hide Gridlines in Excel

To hide gridlines in Excel, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Click the ‘View’ tab in the Excel ribbon.

Step 2: Locate the ‘Show’ section within the ‘View’ tab.

Step 3: De-select the ‘Gridlines’ box. Voila!

Your worksheet will now appear clean and polished without any gridlines showing.

Download Excel Template

Download Template

Download Template

Hide All Gridlines

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Introducing the Excel Shortcut

While the above steps are straightforward, time is of the essence in the world of finance. That’s where shortcuts come in handy. To quickly toggle gridlines on and off, use the following keyboard shortcut:

Alt + W, VG

You can instantly hide or reveal gridlines by pressing ‘Alt’, ‘W’, and ‘VG’ in sequence. The shortcut can save precious seconds, adding up when working on multiple worksheets or during live presentations.

The benefits of using shortcuts extend beyond just hiding gridlines. Shortcuts allow finance professionals to navigate and manipulate data faster, enabling them to respond to queries, update models, and prepare presentations more efficiently. Mastering shortcuts can give you a competitive advantage in an industry where speed and accuracy are crucial.

Troubleshooting and Optimization Tips

While shortcuts can significantly boost efficiency, there are some common issues to be aware of when using them across different versions of Excel or in shared workbooks.

One potential problem is inconsistency in shortcut behavior across versions. Some shortcuts may have different key combinations or functions in older versions of Excel. To avoid confusion and errors, it’s essential to ensure that all team members use the same version or know any differences.

Another challenge is ensuring consistent application of formatting and settings across multiple sheets and workbooks. When hiding gridlines or applying other formatting changes, checking that the changes are reflected consistently is essential. This can be achieved using the ‘Apply to All’ option when making formatting changes or creating a master template with the desired settings.

It’s crucial to optimize Excel’s settings and calculations to maintain the performance of complex financial models. This includes turning off automatic calculations when making bulk changes, using manual calculation mode for large models, and optimizing formulas to minimize recalculation time. Regularly checking for and resolving circular references, using named ranges instead of cell references, and employing data validation to prevent input errors can also help keep models running smoothly.

Using the Macabacus Shortcut to Auto-Hide Gridlines

Macabacus offers an all-in-one Microsoft Office add-in software that allows finance professionals to streamline their preparation of financial models and presentations such as pitch books. The company brings enterprise-grade capability to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with its industry-leading MS Office productivity and brand compliance tools.

To learn more about the Macabacus shortcut to auto-hide gridlines and dozens of other useful keyboard shortcuts, check out the video below:


Mastering Excel shortcuts, like hiding gridlines, can significantly boost efficiency and productivity for finance professionals. The ability to swiftly manipulate and present data is crucial in the fast-paced world of finance, where every second counts.

However, hiding gridlines is just the beginning of achieving Excel mastery. To become skillful in your role, you must continuously learn and adapt to new features and best practices. This includes leveraging advanced tools like formula auditing, conditional formatting, filters, and pivot tables and customizing their Excel environment to fit their needs.

Staying up-to-date with the latest Excel features can give finance professionals a competitive edge with the support of platforms like Macabacus. Adopt the attitude of constantly learning and striving for improvement, and with Macabacus, take your financial analysis to the next level.

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