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Build an operating model
In this tutorial, we will walk through how to build a general industry business operating model.
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Build an M&A model
In this section, we demonstrate how to model a merger of two public companies in Excel.
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Build an LBO model
In this tutorial, we will walk you through building an LBO model in Excel.
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Popular Excel Templates
Master DCF Modeling with Our Excel Template
Advanced DCF Modeling: Calculations with Macabacus Template The Macabacus Discounted Cash Flow template implements key concepts and best practices related...
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Operating Model Template in Excel: Effortlessly Improve Accuracy
Key Features of the Macabacus Operating Model The Macabacus operating model implements key accounting and tax concepts and is a foundational...
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Merger Model Template: Elevate Your M&A Analysis
The Macabacus merger model implements advanced M&A, accounting, and tax concepts, and is intended for use in modeling live transactions (with some...
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LBO Model Template (Short Form): Optimize Your Valuations
The Macabacus short-form LBO model implements key concepts related to LBO modeling and is an excellent starting point for understanding the basics...
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Advanced LBO Model Template for Excel (Long Form)
The Macabacus long-form LBO model is derived from actual LBO models used by four bulge bracket investment banks, incorporating the best practices and...
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Navigate Your Cap Tables and VC Returns with Customizable Templates
The Macabacus capitalization ("cap") table and venture capital return analysis template identify how much venture capital a start-up requires and when...
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IPO Model Template: Prepare for Your Initial Public Offering
The Macabacus IPO model implements all concepts related to IPO modeling, including IPO and fully distributed valuation, gross/net proceeds, filing...
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Deal Mechanics
Sale Processes, Purchase and Sale Agreements and Private vs. Public Deals
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M&A Accounting
Asset and Stock Deals, Subsidiary Accounting, Equity Method Accounting, Important Accounting Changes, Purchase Price Allocation, Noncontrolling (Minority) Interest and Treatment of Options (FIN 44)
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Tax Considerations, Section 338 Elections, Tax-Free Acquisitions, Dividends Received Deduction (DRD), Tax Attributes of a Target
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Corporate Restructuring
Spin-Offs and Split-Offs, Equity Carve-Outs and Morris Trust Transactions
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Valuation Multiples, Valuation Methods, Sum-of-the-Parts Analysis, Comparable Companies Analysis, Precedent Transactions Analysis, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis, Unlevered Free Cash Flow, Weighted-Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Terminal Value, Enterprise and Equity Values, Adjusted Present Value and Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Analysis
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Tax-Efficient Strategies
Tax-Efficient Sale Strategies, Leveraged Partnership, Like-Kind Exchange, Mixing Bowl, Monetizing Spin-Off, Sponsored Spin-Off, Morris Trust, Double Reverse Morris Trust, Supercharged IPO, JV IPO, Stock-for-Stock Monetization, Cash-Rich Split-Off and more
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Venture Capital
Probability-Adjusted APV, Rounds of Financing and Returns Analysis (IRR & CoC)
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Debt Instruments
Original Issue Discount (OID), Termination Fee, Cash Equivalents, EBITDA, Liquidation Value and Bullet Payment
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