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There are dozens of online financial dictionaries. A few websites even provide context beyond a commoditized definition. But only Macabacus' self-study resources for investment banking, private equity, and other finance professionals and students use interactive spreadsheet examples to demonstrate practical application of finance and accounting concepts, all free of charge.

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Our spreadsheet templates are built for intuitive use with Excel and Wall Street best practices.

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LBO Model



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Interview Preparation

Walk me through a DCF.

There is no better—or cheaper—way to prepare for technical questions in your Wall Street interviews than Macabacus. Master these topics to bring your A-game to the interview:


Thanks for your website, models and macros. Can basically say I got my job today using what I've learned from you guys.

Jan K.

Really stellar website. I predict you will be on the bookmarks of every imaginable M&A professional out there soon.

Gregg K.

This is the most amazing M&A resource online, and is very helpful to me as an analyst in a boutique IB in Shanghai.

William S.

I love this website, I've been learning so much from it recently and am eager to share it with my friends in banking.

Erin P.

I just downloaded your detailed LBO model—it is by far the best resource I have ever seen, paid or free. Just wanted to send a sincere thank you for making this generally available on the web. Great website overall.

Jonathan B.

Just wanted to say thanks for creating this fantastic website. It's a great resource and very well presented. Well done!

Eric W.

Your site is a breath of fresh air in a cluttered space. As a corporate finance guy hoping to make the jump to financial services in some investment decision making capacity, your site is an invaluable resource for helping me solidify the knowledge I need to get there.

George B.